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LG’s G8 ThinQ Leak Shows The Smartphone Is Luxury

LG's G8 ThinQ Leak Shows The Smartphone Is Luxury - Surge Zirc SA
LG’ s G8 ThinQ / Photo file: Engadget

LG’s G8 ThinQ leaks out of the company and onto the internet have revealed the great features of the smartphone even before it gets here. We’ve got a leak of the image that show exactly what the LG’s G8 ThinQ looks like.

Based of the leak available to us, the LG’s G8 Thin2 looks almost exactly like the former LG’s G7 ThinQ. It’s coming as an all screen smartphone with a notch for the approach camera, anyway, the rear cameras have been rearranged to take a horizontal format unlike the previous one.

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On the LG’s G8 ThinQ, the usual ports in the photo remains at the bottom part. It’s also coming with a 3.5mm jack that most smartphone making companies have decided to ditch in recent time. Though the company is yet to make available the device specs, it revealed at the early part of February that it’s packaging the LG’s G8 ThinQ with a ”Time of Flight image sensor made by Ifineon”

Furthermore, the LG’ G8 ThinQ technology will be launched with a feature to power its facial recognition and AR capabilties and will also allow users to take better selfies in any kind of lighting condition with lesser power.

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We’ve heard in a previous rumor that one of LG’s latest smartphones will be coming with a second screen, but the LG’s G8 ThinQ leaked image doesn’t really show anything like a second screen on it. We’re thinking LG might be up to something else, but if it’s the LG’ G8 ThinQ, then the second screen could be an attachment that can be detached at will and not a built in second screen.

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A previous leak from the company suggests the  LG’s G8 ThinQ will cost below $1,000. The confirmation for the price might not have to take too long as LG is expected to launch its next flagship soon at a pre-Mobile World Congress event on February 24th 2019.

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Source: Engadget

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