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YouTube Vowed To Take Down It’s Classic Web Interface By March

YouTube Vowed To Take Down It's Classic Web Interface By March - SurgeZirc SA
This photo illustrates the homepage of the YouTube website as seen displayed Classic Web Interface on a computer screen through a magnifying glass.

YouTube has permitted the use of its classic web interface for too long and will no longer continue to allow it. Now you’ll have to let go of the older interface if you’ve been reticent to try the 2017 redesigned one.

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YouTube in a recent statement warned that it’s dropping the classic web interface in March this year, almost three years after it rolled out its replacement.

The world biggest video service is very comfortable with the reasoning, legacy versions are now missing many of the features and tweaks that have crept in since the current version was released some years back.

YouTube has offered a prompt to those who are still holding on to the older version, you’ll see a notice asking you to switch to the redesigned one. In addition, the platform will let you know if your browser is too old to support the latest interface.

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It may not be very easy for everyone to migrate as some persons may not know how exactly to do it, but YouTube is sure to let the old version go hence it’s fully aware that some users will definitely be left behind as it takes it down.

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