SurgeZirc Media Announces New Community Project: “The Community And I”

we seek the corporation of the community to make this program work. Let us all feel the need to participate in a project that will bring change instead of merely playing a role of theoretical critics. As the name implies, it is the community and every one of us.

SurgeZirc Media Announces New Community Project "The Community And I" - SurgeZirc SA
The Community And I / Photo credit: Google

As we continue to watch corporate organizations, NGOs, and reputable people join the fight against racial injustice globally, mostly at a time when the coronavirus pandemic is taking a deadly shot on businesses, and industries, shutting down both old and new companies that feed thousands of people and pay countless of school fees, not to mention the increasing number of retrenchment that is published in the media daily, we have resolved to participate in the redemption process of both racial justice and the economy restoration.

We have taken a pragmatic step that will inject relevance into the previously disadvantaged in our society, so that self-esteem will be automatically tuned to the highest level, hope will be restored, SMEs will be initiated, the local community will be empowered, and the economy will take a better stance.

In the move to achieve the above-mentioned goals, SurgeZirc Media has established an initiative that is called, “The Community And I” which will focus on the practical aspect of ‘informing’ the under-privilege communities through physical training on how to establish small businesses. Quote: “The difference between the rich and the poor is information” What the rich knows that the poor doesn’t know.

This initiative will be overseen yearly by a beauty Queen that will emerge from ‘Miss SurgeZirc Beauty Pageant’ read more about the beauty pageantry, soon.

How ‘The Community And I’ initiative will run

A small group of people who are interested in learning the practical steps of establishing businesses will be recruited under an umbrella known as ‘TCAI’ in different local communities. The office of Miss SurgeZirc SA, will group the local business interest in their numbers and partner with resource persons to deliver practical step-by-step learning on establishing a small and sustainable businesses.

To further and psychologically boost the participation of local group members of ‘TCAI’ different community groups will be trained to develop entrepreneurial projects which they will come forward with to compete with other community groups, after which the best participating groups will be considered for corporate partnership and sponsorship. (A good business will have the ability to offer employment to at least three (3) persons, will generate revenue, and should be such that can be operated online)

What kind of businesses will be part of ‘The Community And I’ program?

To ensure that this is not yet another beautifully crafted theoretical presentation to empower the previously disadvantaged, which will neither see the daylight implementation nor genuinely assist the disadvantaged, a survey will be conducted to ascertain the type of businesses that people will like the most.

Eligibility to becoming a member of ‘The Community And I’ local groups

There is no fee attached to becoming a member of the group. Having the desire to become a new business owner who will be self-sustained and employ a few persons around is enough to qualify potential members.

When will ‘The Community And I’ project begin?

Following our interest to empower at least one young lady in South Africa yearly going forward, the first ‘TCAI’ project will begin in January 2021 after which we must have crowned the first “Miss SurgeZirc SA”. Meanwhile, the maiden edition of the beauty pageantry holds in December 2020, although given to the condition of the pandemic then.

How long will ‘The Community And I’ program run for each class?

Each class will run for a period of twelve months (12), this is to enable the supervisory team monitor and assist the businesses that were invented through the program within the time. Although each class will be graduating at the end of every year, graduates who hold program completion certificate can consult the operating supervisory team for assistance and this will also be free of charge.

Who are the promoters of the ‘TCAI’ program?

SurgeZirc Media created ‘The Community And I’ initiative in its interest to give back to a loving community that have in only 14 months of establishment given it a sense of belonging through more than 19million people who visited SurgeZirc SA late last year.

However, the acceptance we received mostly late last year fueled the creation of our United Kingdom, United States, and Nigerian editions at the begin of 2020 before the outbreak of the pandemic. Not forgetting our all sport website’ SportRazzi and the latest creation, a hundred percent Tech News and Review company, Ravzgadget.

Finally, we seek the corporation of the community to make this program work. Let us all feel the need to participate in a project that will bring change instead of merely playing a role of theoretical critics. As the name implies, it is the community and every one of us.

To support the program, you can do the following:

  1. Suggest ten (10) communities where this project should start from by January 2021
  2. Participate in the publicity for this project.
  3. If you want to be a partner kindly mail [email protected]
  4. If you are a resource person and would love to assist in developing the community through teaching a craft or business send a mail.
  5. Corporate organizations that would love to partner with SurgeZirc Media should forward a mail stating their interest in clear terms, then document detailing how to become a partner will be mailed back.
  6. Volunteers are welcomed, but must be graduates.

Let us move to action and create a change.

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