Steenhuisen Tells Ramaphosa: “Stop Dreaming In Ramakandla”

John Steenhuisen gave plentiful back-up. The DA agent pummeled Magashule for acting "like a vulture", ready for action to swoop on Ramaphosa and his organization:

Steenhuisen Tells Ramaphosa: “Stop Dreaming In Ramakandla” - Surge Zirc SA
President of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa / Photo file: The Citizen

Disgrace, Cyril Ramaphosa has copped a ton of flack for his SONA speech from last Thursday. In the wake of sharing his “fantasies” for South Africa in an 80-minute speech– including another city and a system of slug trains – he’s been completely bludgeoned for disregarding the issues in our n our existing cities – and John Steenhuisen didn’t let him off the hook.

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The DA Chief Whip didn’t actually observe the “Martin Luther King” in Ramaphosa, similarly the EFF didn’t see Nelson Mandela’s inclination for the man who might be president.

John Steenhuisen tells Ramaphosa: “Stop dreaming in Ramakandla”

All the discussion about dreams has left an acrid preference for the mouths of government officials over the seat. A large number of them have announced the second SONA of the year as a“wasted opportunity”.

Left to clear the floor on Tuesday evening, John Steenhuisen ensured he spared the best analogies until last. He dissected Cyril’s creative mind – marking his proposed new city as “Ramakandla” in reference to Jacob Zuma’s rambling residence – and advised him that there are significantly more basic dreams over the electorate:

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“Dreams without plans are merely fantasies. The President is not the only one who dreams, either. So while you were dreaming of the fantastical city of “Ramakandla” in the sky with bullet trains whizzing by, the young school leaver in Limpopo dreams of finding a job…”

“The factory worker in Alberton dreams of the last time he had a decent job. A sick person lying in a state hospital in Kimberley dreams of proper care and just getting better. The learner in rural KwaZulu-Natal dreams of having a teacher who actually understands the maths and science she is teaching.”

Address the Ace Magashule issue

Another colossal obvious issue at hand was the power battle among Ramaphosa and Ace Magashule. Natasha Mazzone had begged the president to boot-out anybody in the gathering still connected with the “Jacob Zuma group” of the ANC.

John Steenhuisen gave plentiful back-up. The DA agent pummeled Magashule for acting “like a vulture”, ready for action to swoop on Ramaphosa and his organization:

“Mr. President, heed this warning: Ace Magashule is like a vulture that has flown in fresh from picking dry the carcass of the Free State administration. He is moving against you Mr. President, he has deployed his minions into key positions in this house to weaken you.”

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“Just like a vulture, he is perched at Luthuli House waiting for that first carrion whiff of weakness that will signal the kill. The more you tiptoe around Ace, calling him ‘my boss’ and telling us that ‘without him you are nothing’, the harder you stamp on the dreams of our citizens.”

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