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Fans Heartbroken Over Rulani Mokwena’s Departure From Mamelodi Sundowns

However, not all fans were completely against the decision. David Sebe admitted to having mixed emotions about Mokwena's departure.

The recent departure of former Mamelodi Sundowns coach Rulani Mokwena has left fans heartbroken and questioning the club’s decision-making. Announced on Wednesday, Mokwena’s exit sparked a wave of emotional reactions across social media platforms.

Disappointed fans did not hold back their feelings. Lutic Mosoane, a long-time supporter, expressed his frustration, saying, “Letting Rulani go will be one of the worst decisions our club ever made. It does not make any football sense.

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They have just created an unnecessary crisis. They have officially terminated our own dominance.”

Another fan, John Madondo, echoed similar sentiments, emphasizing the talent Mokwena brought to the team.

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“This is the biggest mistake to let such incredible young talent go. If Flemming Berg is the ‘boss’, why employ coaches? There should have been a way to resolve this. All the best, Coach Rulani,” he remarked.

However, not all fans were completely against the decision. David Sebe admitted to having mixed emotions about Mokwena’s departure.

“I’m a bit emotional. Yes, you were one of my favourite coaches without a doubt. However, you were also big-headed unnecessarily.

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“We’ve lost games we shouldn’t have lost. It was about you, not the team. Favouritism and a negative attitude killed you. However, all the best champ, and thank you so much, coach.”

On a more positive note, Bonga Nkadimeng chose to focus on the good times. “Thank you, Coach, for everything. You will always be special to our team. We won’t forget the happiness you brought to our faces, and good luck in your future endeavours.”

Here are some of the reactions:

In an emotional interview with Robert Marawa, Mokwena addressed the fans directly, offering an apology. “I’m sorry to bring so much pain to the people. I’ve caused a lot of pain, I might have contributed to it. I accept that I did not create this pain, but I also accept that my name is involved in the pain that has been created.”

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The departure of Rulani Mokwena from Mamelodi Sundowns has certainly stirred strong emotions among fans.

While some are heartbroken and critical of the club’s decision, others reflect on the complexities surrounding his tenure. One thing is clear: Coach Rulani Mokwena’s impact will not be forgotten anytime soon.

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