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Springboks Has Lifted Residents’ Spirits On Their World Cup Victory

Springboks Has Lifted Residents' Spirits On Their World Cup Victory
Springboks celebrating their victory / Photo file: Screengrab

President Cyril Ramaphosa said that the Springboks had lifted residents’ spirits on their World Cup victory.

Ramaphosa was addressing the group and fans outside the Union Buildings in Pretoria on Thursday morning, where the Springboks departed for the first leg of their nationwide tour.

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Dancing and chants of “Siya” as the open-top bus arrived at the Union Buildings, the group was met by the gigantic crowd as disembarked with the Web Ellis Cup in hand.

South Africa turned into the main group to win the Web Ellis Cup on three distinct mainlands when they beat England in the last on Saturday.

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Ramaphosa said they had changed the mind-set in the nation.

“We thank them for the impact this victory has had in our country. In many ways, it has helped to unite our country.”

Ramaphosa additionally joked that Siya Kolisi and the rest of the Springboks would be chosen for Cabinet if national decisions were held at this point.

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The president said that the fame of the group would have seen them win a political race.

“If we were about to hold an election, I have no doubt that the entire rugby team would be in Cabinet, they’d be in Parliament and they would have won the election, so I’m glad our election is over and Siya Kolisi could have been the president.”

The transport has now left and will clear its path through Pretoria before making its way toward Johannesburg and Soweto later this evening.

In the meantime, the Springboks will be at Parliament on Monday as a component of their across the nation’s victory visit.

House chairperson Cedric Frolick has urged Members of Parliament to attend when the group stops for a brief photocall despite the fact that it is a day when MPs are normally away in their constituencies.

“They’ll be at Parliament for about 20 minutes on the steps of the National Assembly where they will be taking photographs in front of the statue of Madiba… you’ll recall the important role that he played in the 1995 World Cup, so it’s very appropriate for them to come around to Parliament.”

Frolick said the group was expected around early afternoon.

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