So, This Is How DJ Zinhle & Lerato Kganyago Went From Best Friends To Frenemies!

Not only that but the star went as far a saying she didn't even know mughel was getting married, hayibo!

So, This Is How DJ Zinhle & Lerato Kganyago Went From Best Friends To Frenemies!-SurgeZirc SA
DJ Zinhle And Lerato Kganyago

Sometimes a platonic breakup can be even more painful than a romantic one. Lerato Kganyago said as much when she described “grieving” the loss of her friendship with former BFF DJ Zinhle. But what options did she have, the circle got bigger?

The past year has been pretty rocky for them both, with one claiming the other didn’t invite her to her wedding, and the other is insisting that she’s lying and got bad company.

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Are we going too fast? Well, let’s start right from the beginning. Phela, DJ Zinhle and Lerato Kganyago were once best friends. Then trouble started when the reality show star became close friends with Pearl Thusi, Moozlie, Thabsie, and the rest of the gang. Lerato disappeared from the equation and later we saw her being close to Dineo Ranaka and Somizi.

Just when we were about to forget that their friendship existed. The mother of two brought it up during an interview with talk show host Toke Makinwa, who hosts the DSTV Honey show. In this interview, Zinhle spilled some hot tea, and some of the revelations left us speechless.

But we’ll just be talking about her friendship which is the most interesting part for now. When asked why she didn’t attend Lerato’s wedding, Kairo’s mom said she never got an invite… she gotta be kidding us.

Not only that but the star went as far a saying she didn’t even know mughel was getting married, hayibo!

“One I didn’t know she was getting married and two she didn’t invite me” she

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But then her ex-BFF has called her out saying she’s lying about not being invited to the wedding. Lerato said  Zinhle’s response in the interview left a bad taste in her mouth because she loves her like a sister.

She went on saying that the Indlovu hitmaker disappointed her by telling half-truths about her invitation to the ceremony. Well, she said she invited the star through a DM on Instagram and didn’t let her know it was a wedding, LOL.

Imagine your bestie sending you a DM, not even a WhatsApp as a wedding invite. But we’re not there for now. “I didn’t go into detail of what I was doing with everyone, I just said I’m having a lunch please come through and she didn’t reply so I took it as she’s not coming,” Lerato said.

Lerato feels that the DJ snubbed her intentionally as she and Zinhle’s circle aren’t on good terms.  “Just because my relationship with the others was a bit offish, she was the only one I invited because she’s my girl and I’m loyal to her. I’ve always been loyal
to her” she said.

Though she didn’t say it out loud, but it was obvious that the ladies had a misunderstanding and Lerato decided to distance herself.  “When something is bothering me, I move away and literally ghost everyone. I’m a lone ranger so there’s things I should have addressed at that time to get maybe clarification because I ran with those things as the truth which I shouldn’t have then I removed myself from everything else.” she said.

Hmmmm, thought SurgeZirc readers? Would you have honoured the wedding invitation if your BFF invited you through Insta DMs?

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