Sjava Shows Off His South African Pride To Ebro Darden

Sjava shows off his South African pride to American radio personality
Sjava shows US radio jock Ebro Darden what Mzansi has to offer / Photo file: Screengrab

American radio personality Ebro Darden was recently in the country and hooked up with some of the country’s top musicians, who gave him a sample of what Mzansi brought to the table.

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The radio jock jetted flew into the nation in his capacity as Apple Music’s global editorial head of hip-hop and R&B.

Ebro had a round table discussion with Shane Eagle and Nasty C, while Sjava took him to the lanes to visit Kwa Mai Hostel and Traditional Market.

Sjava shared via social media that he was eager to have a guest from the States who he drew in within plenty of themes.

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“Izolo besinesivakashi all the way from New York @oldmanebro sajika ka Mai Mai sabamba amaqatha ambalwa talked about a lot. Thanks for your time and wisdom King will forever appreciate it please do check out the interview coming your way soon.”


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