Sam Zewas Just Engaged Fiancee ‘Xoli’ Reacts To Media Interview

The media can say anything but king-bae believes I am worth whatever amount the ring costs.

Sam Zewas Just Engaged Fiancee 'Xoli' Reacts To Media Interview - Surge Zirc
Xoliswa Magidigidi/Photo credit: Surge Zirc

Following Nigerian actor Sam’s engagement to Xoli in the Northern Suburb of Johannesburg, there has been uncontrollable news flying around that the actor is getting married to Xoli so he can clinch on South African citizenship.

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In a mail interview Xoli responded to Surge Zirc questions as follows…enjoy the read

1. May we meet you formally

I am Xoliswa Magidigidi and I am from the East Rand of Jozi.

2. We gathered that you recently got engaged by a Nigerian actor Sam Zewas.          How do you feel?

If asked to describe how I feel I would write a whole book on it, but I love my fiance we are best friends. We’re just lucky to have found each other. I feel blessed that I have found the right partner.

3. There are speculations that he is marrying you so he can get citizenship in mzansi.

Giggles, well one thing is certain we will soon be leaving Africa so the citizenship speculations are so idle.

4. How well do you know him?

Sam is not only my fiance but he is also my best friend. I know him so much that even when he tries to hide how he really feels about a certain situation I would pick the vibe up.

5. Sam is an Nigerian actor at-least we watch him on DSTV and we aren’t sure if he has been to South Africa before.. So where did you two meet?

How I met him (laughs)… I met him on social media

6.Did you accept to marry him even before meeting him?

I believe that when you meet the right partner you will instantly know, when dating someone you do hope for marriage but not literally sure until he brings out the ring.

7. And when you finally met him, how did you feel?

I felt so complete, like the only woman on earth. Meeting him was one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

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8. Could the speculation that you are getting married to him because he is an actor be true?

How silly, I am not marrying his status or profession but his heart, attitude and of cause his cute eyes that melt me each time he looks at me. I hardly talk about the fact that he is an actor because that is not my interest.

9. Will you be moving to Nigeria with him after wedding?

All I can say is just like Ruth in the bible held on to her mother in-law so shall I hold on to my future hubby. Where he goes I will follow.

10. Can you tell us a little about him?

King-Bae(Sam) is a reserved and intelligent man who is polite. He is hilarious, he makes me yell, he drives me crazy and he is the most humble man I have ever come across.

11. So would you say that online dating works?

Yes, definitely we are a living testimony of it. But that doesn’t mean it must work for everyone.

12.What were the reactions from your friends and relations when they realised you’re getting married to a Nigerian?

Because of the stigma Nigerians have, my fiance was labelled all sorts of things at one point he was reduced to nothing more but a fraudster, people believed that we will not meet that I had an imaginary lover. My family has met him and they are fond of him actually he is my brother’s good friend. You know no one can be liked by everyone, but i’m happy he’s cleared the doubt.

13. What is the real worth of your diamond engagement ring, the media said it is worth R49999.00?

The media can say anything but king-bae believes I am worth whatever amount the ring costs.

14. When is the wedding coming up?

The wedding will be taking place soon. I also believe that it will be published for the public very soon.

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15. How do you intend handling scandal should any come up?

We all know that the media has a way of blowing things out of proportions. Now my duty is to stand by my husband, be his back bone in circumstances.

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