Pule Mabe Sexual Abused Accuser Will Be Appeased With R50K By ANC

ANC spokesperson Pule Mabe / Photo File: Screengrab

Kgoerano Kekana who accused her boss, Pule Mabe of ANC political party of sexually assaulting her has rejected a verdict that was issued by the ANC panel that was charged with the duty to find out how the alleged assault occurred.

The Pule Mabe’s former personal assistant accused the panel of ignoring seven of her eight witnesses to corroborate her version of events and of not even including a report from the only witness the panel heard from in a report they prepared for the matter.

Surge Zirc had earlier in February report the ANC said they find no trace to a sexual abused as accused by the young lady of 26, funny, City Press. 

To put a barking dog to sleep, Kgoerano Kekana will walk away with R50, 000, yet there wasn’t a trace to a sexual assault.

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Meanwhile, the young lady reported the same sexual abused last year in a fourteen page letter during her first assignment with her supposed boss Pule Mabe. She maintained that Pule Mabe forced himself into her bed on two different occasions this year, and as she refused, the ANC spokesperson started maltreating her as his personal assistance.

It’s obvious she would go to rest since an offer has been made. But the ANC should privately advice Pule Mabe to quit the act. Not everyone would accept to be reduced into believing that there was no trace or lead to the accusation by Kekana.

Having said so, we also learnt the ANC have put up a new policy that will govern how ANC executives should work with their subordinates to avoid a repetition of the Kekana’s case.

Source: news24

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