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From Sushi King To Party King! Kenny Kunene’s Extravagant R120k Groove Bill Leaves Tongues Wagging

Another user, @LindaMvund26543, chimed in, “A true politician doesn’t go around and show off? This is a sign of disrespect to the masses.”

Unlike Patriotic Alliance leader Gayton McKenzie, who has pledged 100% of his salary to charities, Deputy-President Kenny Kunene has been making headlines for very different reasons.

While McKenzie’s philanthropic efforts draw admiration, Kunene’s recent antics at the Durban July and Umhlanga nightspot Rockets have left many shaking their heads.

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Once known as the “Sushi King,” Kenny Kunene seems to have upgraded his title to “Party King.” Alongside his pal Serge Cabonge, a Zimbabwean businessman with a reputation as a “blesser,” Kunene allegedly splurged a staggering R120,000 on drinks.

Social media was ablaze when celebrity blogger Musa Khawula tweeted a screenshot of their bill, which included an eye-popping R12,000 tip for their waiter.

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The bill, totalling R114,518, had Twitter users, especially PA supporters, questioning Kunene’s sense of responsibility.

As expected, the Twittersphere had a lot to say. @LorettaDans tweeted, “This is exactly what Kenny Kunene is all about. Flash and show off.”

Another user, @LindaMvund26543, chimed in, “A true politician doesn’t go around and show off? This is a sign of disrespect to the masses.”

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Even @LeratoKeele voiced concern: “This is not a good image for Kenny Kunene and PA, I’m afraid.” It appears Kunene’s extravagant lifestyle is a sore point for many South Africans, who feel it contradicts the values a politician should uphold.

If his groove bill wasn’t enough, Kunene was also spotted flaunting his designer wear at the Durban July. In a viral video, the politician proudly showcased his Gianfranco Ferré jeans, Louis Vuitton shoes, Amiri jacket, and Zegna t-shirt.

While some might see this as a harmless display of personal style, many view it as another example of Kunene’s disconnect from the average South African’s reality.

In contrast to Gayton McKenzie’s public-spirited approach, Kenny Kunene’s flashy lifestyle raises eyebrows and invites criticism.

While both politicians share similar stances on issues like illegal immigration, their public personas couldn’t be more different.

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Ntuthuko Gumede for SurgeZirc SA
Ntuthuko Gumede for SurgeZirc SA
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