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EFF Leader Julius Malema Calls For The Abolition Of Borders In Africa

EFF leader Julius Malema has once again called for the abolition of borders between African countries, stating that it is necessary for the economic development and independence of the continent.

Malema made these remarks during the launch of the Pan African Institute in Kenya on Thursday. In his speech, Malema highlighted the lack of economic emancipation and independence in African countries, including Ghana, which was the first to lead the road towards independence.

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He argued that the reason many Africans leave their countries is due to the lack of economic opportunities and development.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party has long advocated for the removal of borders in Africa, believing that it would lead to wider economic benefits and improved cooperation among countries.

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According to Malema, the current borders restrict the movement of people, goods, and services, hindering the potential for economic growth and development.

Malema emphasized that true independence can only be achieved when Africans have full control over the means of production.

He criticized Ghana, stating that even though it was the first African country to gain independence, it still cannot claim that Africans in Ghana own the means of production.

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The EFF leader urged African countries to work together towards the abolition of borders and the establishment of a united Africa. He argued that a united Africa would have a stronger voice on the global stage and be better equipped to address the challenges facing the continent.

While the idea of a borderless Africa may seem ambitious, Malema believes that it is a necessary step towards achieving economic development and independence.

He called on African leaders to prioritize the interests of their people and work towards a common goal of a united and prosperous Africa.

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