President Donald Trump Slams ‘Partisan’ Whistleblower, Biden Fights Back

President Donald Trump Slams 'Partisan' Whistleblower, Biden Fights Back - Surge Zirc SA
President Donald Trump alleged that he has been targeted by a “partisan whistleblower” / Photo file: AFP

United States President Donald Trump on Friday has rejected a whistleblower‘s claim of wrongdoing, amid speculation that he used a call with Ukraine’s president to pressure him to investigate the son of Joe Biden.

The whistleblower’s secret allegation has sparked a tense showdown between Congress, whose Democratic leaders are demanding to review the complaint, and the executive tire which has prevented them from successfully doing so.

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The complaint also raised major concern as Trump sought to strong-arm Ukraine into releasing damaging data on the president’s possible 2020 contender, which would represent dangerous foreign meddling in the United States election, more like the Russia interference in 2016 election, when Trump triumphed over Hillary Clinton.

The Washington Post, referring to two unnamed former United States officials, said the complaint emanated from President Trump’s communications with Ukraine leader, and a certain “promise” that was allegedly made by Trump.

President Donald Trump actively slammed the “ridiculous” news, attacking the “partisan whistleblower,” even though he admitted not to know the person’s identity.

Trump said he had a “totally appropriate” conversation. He did not detail with whom exactly, or what the conversation was about, instead said Biden and his son ought to be investigated for their actions in Ukraine.

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Joe Biden fought back almost immediately, requesting that Trump immediately release the transcript of the call he had with the Ukraine leader and saying the reports Trump sought to coerce his Ukrainian counterpart, if exact, amounts to “clear-cut corruption.”

Suspicions focused majorly on a July 25 call that took place between Trump and Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky, a one time comedian that was elected a president in May.

President Donald Trump Slams 'Partisan' Whistleblower, Biden Fights Back - Surge Zirc SA
President Donald Trump has suggested it is Biden and his son who should be investigated for their actions in Ukraine / Photo file: AFP

Trump’s Democratic rivals have been linking that call in connection with allegations Trump and his lawyer Rudy Giuliani are trying to pressure the Ukrainian administration.

The Wall Street Journal news said Trump persuaded Zelensky about eight times on the call to probe possible corruption involving Biden’s son Hunter, who worked with a Ukrainian natural gas company in Ukraine.

When reporters asked Trump whether he discussed Biden’s son with Zelensky, he said curtly: “It doesn’t matter what I discuss.”

But he did not deny having done so, anyways.

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