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EFF Advocates Integrated Plan For Housing Crisis

Malema likened the current administrative dispensation in South Africa to that of the apartheid government.

EFF Advocates Integrated Plan For Housing Crisis - SurgeZirc SA
Leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Julius Malema/Photo File: Getty Image

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), says it advocates for an integrated plan to curb the housing crisis in South Africa, SurgeZirc reports.

Leader of the EFF Julius Malema made this known in an interview with SABC on Tuesday.

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He said the EFF is looking at rehabilitating some buildings in Sandton to enable shelter for the less privileged if given the mandate in Johannesburg in the November poll.

Malema likened the current administrative dispensation in South Africa to that of the apartheid government.

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“There must always be, and that’s what should be the policy of South Africa, integrated human settlement. There shouldn’t be a settlement for the poor and settlement for the rich. Because you know what it means when it says settlement for the poor, it means black and settlement for the rich, it means white.”

“Then we are perpetuating the spatial development programme of apartheid which is of diving our people on the basis of colour but now you’re not using the colour, you use money to continue the same thing of colour division. So we will take buildings in Sandton, convert them into affordable housing, into low-income housing, into free housing for our people,” he added.

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In another development, Malema said the EFF welcomes the nomination of the Western Cape Judge President John Hlophe for the position of the next Chief Justice.

Recall that Hlophe was nominated among seven others for the top judicial position.

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