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Impending Doom That’ll Occur If Lady Zamar’s Claim Works Against Sjava

To those who removed Sjava from gigs and a renowned corporation who excluded him from the Mzansi Viewers Choice Awards, “on which justice verdict are you all acting upon?” which law convicted him as a rapist as yet? None! It’s still an allegation.

Impending Doom That'll Occur If Lady Zamar's Claim Works Against Sjava - SurgeZirc SA
Lady Zamar and Sjava/Photo File: SurgeZirc Media

The internet has been littered with news of Lady Zamar opening rape case against her ex-boyfriend Sjava after two years that the alleged incident took place. Male Social media users are wailing over why should the ‘Monarch’ report a rape case after two years, raising the important question, “is it possible for a lady to continue dating a boyfriend who raped her for another two years?

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Even ladies have responded to the question with a resounding “NO”.

But who’s ready to listen??

The law, I mean not just South African law, the law ‘worldwide’ indirectly empowers women to take cruel actions against men whenever they want, as such the phrase “I will show you that I’m a woman” is very common.

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And then, South African law, filled in what laws in other countries left behind in empowering women against men so that all South African women need to do to get men down is “decide” to do so, and it’ll be done at once.

What lawmakers who enact these laws do not know is that they’re endangering the lives of women even more, because men must protect themselves since they know the law forbids “protection for men”.

Every time I hear a case of a man who raped a lady and murders her, the first thing that comes to mind is a man who’s attempting to cover a rape allegation.

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The position of South African law on ‘rape’ makes it even worst for a lady who merely frowned at a man’s advances at her to get away freely. Most undisciplined men would resort to murder since they will allege ‘rape’ if they leave and the law will uphold the claim without investigation and punish the victim.

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Lady Zamar, an adult, a celebrity is alleging that her boyfriend Sjava, a celebrity too raped her and she covered it and continued with the relationship for another two years. That’s a blatant lie!!

The most unfortunate part of the allegation is that it emerged after Lady Zamar realized Sjava was married to some village lady. It’s obvious the female singer felt ‘hurt’ and ‘decided’ that Sjava must extinct because she knows that the law equipped her with so many missiles to shoot Sjava into extinction. So, she launched the attack!

She’s fast achieving her aim as Sjava has been stripped of almost all the gigs and awards he was programmed to be part of without waiting for a confirmation of the allegation. Then I wonder what happens to the saying, “a person is innocent of any allegation until proven guilty of the crime by law”.

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To those who removed Sjava from gigs and a renowned corporation who excluded him from the Mzansi Viewers Choice Awards, “on which justice verdict are you all acting upon?” which law convicted him as a rapist as yet? None! It’s still an allegation.

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Needless saying we’re waiting to see the law’s position on this matter as we all know what the judgement would be, hence a lady alleged “rape”, the outcome is certain.

For those who didn’t follow up the matter from the point where Lady Zamar made the allegation and gave a narrative of how the rape took place. She said they both travelled to a place “she wasn’t forced to go there”, Sjava started kissing her, “she gave her consent” and kissed back, Sjava gave her oral sex, “she enjoyed it and didn’t fight”, then when he wanted to penetrate her she said ‘NO’ and Sjava continued. And the ‘No’ is the reason she opened a rape case against the Zulu singer.

How many ladies would move from a deep kiss and romance down to oral sex and say ‘No’ to penetration?  Even in acting, where romance if not supposed to be deep, emotions sets in on the Set of romance scenes after kissing and caressing so much that only actors can tell you what happens afterwards.

It becomes almost imperative that I write this and urge men, in general, to stand up against this injustice against men as this is why world most talented R&B singer Robert Kelly is languishing in Jail today. Almost every week new ladies are sponsored to claim R Kelly made them his sex slaves some donkeys years ago.

If South African men fail to act proactively by standing with Sjava against this heinous charge and false representation of the act that took place between Lady Zamar and her ex-boyfriend while they were dating, they must wait to see more notable men go down after years of hard work, as childhood girlfriends would soon begin to emerge with rape charges against their “doing well” boyfriends.

Although Mzansi men aren’t expected to change the judiciary system in the country, their resolute action toward fighting against clear matters of injustice which in my opinion should begin with Sjava’s case will go miles in discouraging ladies who may want to raise the ugly head in the same direction.

Let #JusticeForSjava and #IStandWithSjava trend every day on social media, this will send a direct message to the judiciary, that we the Mzansi men are watching and would not hesitate to protest in our numbers should injustice be allowed to prevail.

To further ascertain that Sjava never raped Lady Zamar and that she’s just hurt over a matter of either being jilted or insincerity on the part of Sjava listen to the audio clip of a conversation between Lady Zamar and Sjava below.

Be the judge!!!

Mandle Sithole is a South African rapper based in the United States of America, his article represent his opinion and is not the position of SurgeZirc SA on the topic he discussed.

You too can submit your well-crafted opinion, for detail on how to so read more

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