Notorious Blogger ‘William Ramatsebe’ Discovered, Spreading False News

Ramatseba's employer UNISA was not able to comment on the matter as yet.

Notorious Blogger 'William Ramatsebe' Discovered, Spreading False News - Surge Zirc S.A
William Mahlatse Ramatseba/Photo credit: Facebook

The creator and owner of, the notorious fake news website has been discovered. The owner of the site is said to be a University of South Africa (UNISA) employee by the name of William Ramatseba. This information was revealed by the News24 on Thursday.

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The alleged site owner is said to have been posting fabricating articles on social media platforms.He has been successfully posting such articles along with his sister Gracy Rams. The site generated profit by having a large number of readers visiting the site.

Ramatseba ‘s across 15 different website and five social media platforms was tracked by news24 investigation team. He was eventually identified as an office administrator at UNISA.

The website has in numerous times posted fake news stories about celebrities. One of it most recent articles which trended across the social media platform was of that of Minister Malusi Gigaba. It claimed that the popular video of Minister Gigaba was meant for his girlfriend who is still a minor.

Social media law specialist and author Emma Saddler says the people targeted by Ramatseba ‘s website might have a civil and criminal claim instituted against them. A lot of the articles that were published in the website were fake and generated hatred.

The content of the articles lead to defiling ones character. And one can simply institute a claim of defamation of character or charges of crimen injuria against the writer or any one who helps in linking the article to the public.

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There was also a concern about publication of fake news regarding underage children. Ramatseba the owner of the fake news website has often published such damaging news. One will recall the article on the Dros restaurant rape case were the fake news website published that a certain black man was the accused. Also the site has published fake news on the Omotoso case.

One might quickly rush into a conclusion that this is one quick way of making income or form of entertainment. But what one needs to consider is that in his articles he provoked racial hatred and he defame people in his stories he also preys on vulnerable children. Actions will be instituted against who ever allows such fabricated news on their site.

Ramatseba ‘s employer UNISA was not able to comment on the matter as yet.

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