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Elderly Pretoria Cyclist In ICU After Being Stabbed During Robbery 

A cyclist, Freddy Strydom, who was stabbed in the back, robbed of his bicycle, and left for dead, is recovering in the hospital after the harrowing attack over the weekend.

Strydom, part of a group of 12 cyclists, was attacked by two men between the R21 and M18 roads in Centurion while cycling with his local cycle club.

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Doctors have deemed Strydom incredibly fortunate to be alive as the blade narrowly missed his aorta, the main artery leaving the heart, by a mere two millimeters.

The incident has left a deep impact on the cycling community, with one anonymous cyclist contemplating giving up the sport altogether due to safety concerns.

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The cyclist, who was part of the group that witnessed the attack, shared the details of the incident. The group had set off at 6 am from Midstream in Centurion for a 50 km cycle.

As they passed the cement factory and ascended a hill, Strydom found himself at the back of the group. It was at this vulnerable moment that two assailants emerged out of nowhere, running towards him.

Without warning, they stabbed him in the back and swiftly made off with his bicycle. The commotion alerted the other cyclists, who immediately retaliated by throwing rocks at the fleeing suspects.

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The incident has raised serious concerns within the cycling community, as the attackers displayed a level of aggression and intent to harm that goes beyond mere robbery.

According to the cyclist, this incident is not an isolated one. He revealed that another attack had taken place just two weeks prior in the same vicinity, where two cyclists were mugged and had their bicycles stolen in Irene.

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These incidents have left cyclists feeling vulnerable and uncertain about their safety. In light of these events, the cyclist stated his decision to only cycle in races with proper security measures in place.

He expressed his reluctance to engage in social cycling anymore, believing that the risks outweigh the rewards.

Meanwhile, Freddy Strydom’s wife, Ronel Strydom, shared an update on his recovery. She expressed her relief that he is being transferred from the intensive care unit to a general ward, signifying his improving condition. She hopes to have him back home by the end of the week.

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Keitumetse Modise for SurgeZirc SA
Keitumetse Modise for SurgeZirc SA
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