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Shembe Church To Sue Drunkards Who Boozed In Their Church

Shembe Church To Sue Drunkards Who Boozed In Their Church -Surge Zirc SA
Men Drinking Inside The Temple/Photo File: DailySun

The Nazareth Church popurlarly known as Shembe Church has been fuming with anger and has decided to take further actions. This comes after a belief that their church was highly disrespected. The church temples are highly respected. When congregants go inside, they leave their shoes outside.

One of the church members affirmed to Surge Zirc SA the even animals respect their temple.  “Cows and goats never graze there because it’s a holy place, though it’s in the open,” said Mthunzi Miya (70).

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It was a different case in Alexandra when some men did the unimaginable and decided to enter the holy temple and started dring there. What aggravated the whole scenario was that these men even had their shoes on.

This angered Shembe church members, who saw a picture of the incident taken by a passerby.

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“This is disgusting. God will sort them out,” said Vusi Nxumalo (59).

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He said some people brought themselves bad luck.

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“You don’t do this and expect to live a normal life. Shembe will curse you for disrespecting him, a temple is a holy place. You don’t drink alcohol there and don’t go there to chill and do your things.” he added

Churchgoer Zoleka Majozi (75) said: “I’ve never seen anything like this. These people are disrespectful.

“You’ll think you are bewitched when your things don’t go well. You’ll end up being useless. You won’t find work. You won’t find a stable relationship and won’t find happiness. You’ll end up killing yourself. Stop being disrespectful.

Njomane Mhlongo (63) said the men weren’t members “They’re just drunkards who need a sjambok, but we have decided to be civil and take them to court,” he said.

Ebuhleni Nazareth Baptist Church spokesman Thokozani Mncwabe said: “People should respect religion. When you disrespect it, you’ll have problems.”

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