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‘Dark Days Ahead’ Community Calls For Bushiri To Pack And Go (Video)

The dead bodies of the three women that died in a stampede at Prophet Shepherd Bushiri's church were removed last week.

'Dark Days Ahead' Community Calls For Bushiri To Pack And Go (Video) - Surge Zirc SA
‘Dark Days Ahead’ Community Calls For Bushiri To Pack-Up And Go (Video)/Photo file: The Zimbabwean mail

Dark days ahead for Malawian Prophet Shepherd Bushiri as community members in Pretoria calls for immediate pack-up and leave for the church.

Surge Zirc SA has earlier published the incident of three persons dying in Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s church and how he was nonchalant over the matter…continued with his church activities.  His Christian Gathering Church was charged with defeating the path of justice with interference with police work.

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The dead bodies of the three women that died in a stampede at Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s church were removed last week.

The community group, led by the South African National Civic Organization, staged a protest outside the controversial pastor’s church, where they practically call for Prophet Shepherd Bushiri to pack-up and leave.

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It’s also on record that Prophet Shepherd Bushiri was denied permission to open and run a church in his own country. There are more false pastors these days and they seems to be contributing majorly in the declining of true Christianity, like in the case of Omotoso and those who brag to be dangerously wealthy, which is why crime wave is on the increase these days.

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Meanwhile, police have been deployed to keep order following the protest in Pretoria.

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