Family Left Angry And Confused After The Gruesome Murder Of Anele

“My brother was a self-employed man who worked in various across the country and he only came back to the farm about four months ago, because his fiancée was [about to give birth].

Family members of Anele Hoyana struggle to mediate with the death of a murdered sangoma, his two-year-old son continues to search for his father. The kids are too young to record what happened to their father, but the two-year-old is running around, looking for his father, as it is said that they were very close to each other.

“He is always hanging on to my older brother, who has got similar dreadlocks to those Anele had. He is probably the only one that the boy is comfortable with,” Olwethu said. Hoyana a father of two was allegedly bludgeoned to death by Gonubie small scale farmer known as Fritz Joubert.

While his two-year-old son and two-month-old baby were locked inside the bathroom. Olwethu the brother of Anele Hoyana describes his brother as a spiritual, headstrong, family man who was taken away In a barbarous manner, the children are now to be raised by a single parent.

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“Anele was the youngest of the three brothers. In his younger days, he was an avid sportsperson who played rugby. In the later years of his life, he had become very spiritual, as he followed his calling to become a traditional healer.“Everybody is still shocked, but we have got to concentrate on burying our brother. We miss him a lot,” said a distressed Olwethu.

The family has known Fritz “Majeke” Joubert for years, but the family was very questioning about their recent relationship“He [Joubert] was known to the family and he was our neighbor on the farm for more than 15 years. We shared a boundary,” Olwethu said. Anele moved in with Joubert a week before his death.

“My brother was a self-employed man who worked in various across the country and he only came back to the farm about four months ago, because his fiancée was [about to give birth].

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“This closeness with Fritz would have developed at that time. We were told that they were socializing together and they were working on some business venture together,” Olwethu said. The brother said he last spoke to Anele three weeks back when he told him about his plans with Joubert of opening a game reserve on the farm.

“Anele, with his networks, was able to open some doors to help obtain the relevant permits and so on.”Eastern Cape police spokes Person said that Joubert and Anele got involved in an argument which later developed into a physical fight. Maqala said Joubert started assaulting Anele with fists and a rifle butt which caused severe head injuries.

Police allegedly shot Joubert in self-defense after they found Anele lying Dead on his back. Video of the death of  40year old Anele left the family angry and confused “Anele had been very calm in those videos and being threatened he didn’t put up any kind of resistance.“The irritating part for me was when he instructed my brother to kneel down and he actually knelt down.

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This is very uncharacteristic of Anele because he is not somebody who was a pushover. I realized that maybe he was trying to protect his family, but I don’t know, because there are so many questions,” said Olwethu.

His wife was ordered by Joubert to witness the death of his husband, she is now left in devastation under the care of the Hoyana family.


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