Nepotism At Its Finest! Natasha Thahane Admits She Received R1 Million From Government To Study In USA

The actress said without mincing her words that she received R1 million from the government to pay for her fees... mind you that was just for one year. She said she received the funds after she cried out to Baleka Mbete

Nepotism At Its Finest! Natasha Thahane Reveals She Received R1 Million From Baleka Mbete-SurgeZirc SA
Baleka Mbete And Natasha Thahane

Did our fav actress Natasha Thahane just implicate former national assembly speaker Baleka Mbete? Hmmm… One thing is for sure, she certainly admitted that she benefited from nepotism.

Yes, making it on your own is admirable, but it’s also really tough! So certainly a lot of celebs used their family connections to find success. While many call it nepotism the Blood And Water actress just called it using what you were born into.

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The actress said that she received R1 million from the government to pay for her fees… mind you that was just for one year. She emphasized that she received the funds after she cried out to Baleka Mbete. Well, in case you didn’t know the actress is actually Desmond Tutu’s granddaughter.

Natasha made these shocking revelations during her interview on MacG’s Podcast & Chill. The actress told MacG that when she went to study in the United States in 2017, she needed help paying for her studies at the New York Film Academy. Spilling all the beans she went on to say that she then “called” Baleka and asked her to assist her in obtaining funding for her studies.

Baleka, who had so much influence as a speaker of parliament and the ANC chairperson at the time, approached the department of arts to arrange the money — in excess of R1 million — for Natasha’s studies.

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“I asked Mam’ Baleka (Mbete) and was like, ‘Mama, I need to go back to school. I’ve been accepted… I don’t know what I’m going to do, can I have funds? Please arrange something for me.’ She managed to speak to (the department) Arts and Culture and they were able to help me,” she said on the podcast.

Finding it difficult to believe, well we’ve got the clip for you, listen to it just below here:

Iyooh! Her statement wasn’t well received. A lot of social media users were angered by Natasha’s “flaunting of privilege” by sharing how “easy” it was for her to get government assistance while many others — in worse financial situations — struggled.

Natasha took to Twitter to defend herself, sharing a screenshot of emails she sent to the department that allegedly went unanswered… until Baleka intervened.

Now, that didn’t make things easier for her. Most people voiced out how it was unfair for her to manipulate the system and called on the government to account  for how the money made its way to the US in Natasha’s name.

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