‘Made In Gidi’ Reality Show, A Fraud And Height Of Immorality

‘Made In Gidi’ Reality Show, A Fraud And Height Of Immorality - Surge Zirc SA
Made in Gidi housemates / Photo file: Instagram

Big Brother Naija reality show 2017 edition had lots of critics following the activities of Tboss, Keme and others, while the 2018 edition was no better compared to 2017 edition following Miracle’s activities.

Nigerians on social media criticized Big Brother Naija which is about the only reality show in the country currently.

As Linda Ikeji,  the Nigerian blogger announced her reality show ‘Made in Gidi’, an average Nigerian thought she’s coming with lots of surprises that would out-shine Big Brother.

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But guess what, negative comments on social media shows that Made in Gidi is a no, no, no!

Meanwhile, some comments from Instagram users are actually laughable.  Like seriously!

We had some people say it is a total fraud owing to the fact that, subscribers could not hook-up to the site both on iOS, and after complaining no rectification move was made by the single mother to be and her team of supposed professionals.

jkhama “@officiallindaikeji I wrote a complaint yesternight concerning me unable to stream via d iOS LItv App n unable to stream using iOS web,  u neither responded, C eh Enwelemiwe Biko! Secondly u activated your monthly subscription to renew automatically on my VISA card, Sis I can watch things things without paying a dime Inugo I’m just trying to support a sister, u know I am among those who learn d good d bad in IT pls!”

Can we really make excuses for Linda?… I guess no…because a lot of people complained about that yet nothing was done.

But something should’ve been done…trust me, it would have helped the show.

Then more than a number of persons I could remember said, the show is aimless, without objective and a total waste of time and resources spent on subscription.

We actually spotted Instagram users who shared shock on how Linda and her team could put up such a show without a game, program or anything reasonable to make their stay in the Gidi  house worthwhile.

tvuitton8“If you are going to venture into something you have to plan properly and execute it properly. No one will want to watch a show live for 3 hours unedited. It’s better to edit all the best bits and then do a 1 hour daily summary. Also have games and challenges for them to do. This is basic, clearly all the producers have watched big brother and other reality show. SMH.”

remmysohail “I couldn’t bliv it’s Linda Made in Gidi house at first bcoz this is really embarrassing n insulting to our country. @officiallindaikeji would you allow your son/daughter go for a show like this?  If you find your son or daughter on screen doing this, what would be your reaction?  U re just a dissapointment to Nigerian youths n to your unborn child. U ve failed as a responsible mother. I can’t believe u rented/bought dat house for this sin, anyway as u get your money so shall u spend it.  HUGE DISGRACE to our society.”

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Hey I think I got what this guys are saying. No game, no competition, no task, what’s good there then, gosh!

Other target may have been lost, but I’m sure the target of making much money by the blogger, Linda Ikeji is not lost.Lol.

She’s making cool money bro… But let’s see beyond just making money and get down to what the public says about all of this.

Let’s play on public views about Linda Ikeji’s Made in Gidi reality show.

What do you feel? Should they be given a second chance…or should it be overrun by something  else?

Comment will be appreciated.

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