Luyanda Potwana’s Wife Comes To SA For Their Traditional Wedding (Pics)

Luyanda Potwana's Wife Comes To SA For Their Traditional Wedding (Pics)-SurgeZirc SA
Luyanda Potwana/Photo File: Instagram

Nyan Nyan presenter Luyanda Potwana has made his own decision to settle down. The decision came just after for months of dating his wife.

Now, that was quick, but I guess being a relationship expect Luyanda knows exactly how to tackle matters of the heart.

Telling us how he met his wife, the TV presenter said he was in London at the airport when he was charmed by a golden voice.

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What drew Luyanda Potwana’s attention more to the lady was that she spoke IsiZulu on the phone, remember they were in a foreign. He asked her to join him for a cup of tea and it all led to love.

Four months later to show that uLuyanda umthanda nyan nyan he sent his uncles to her family.

“In July I sent my uncles to her family to ask for her hand in marriage and pay lobolo. I did everything that was supposed to be done and just last week we were doing Umembeso in KZN,” he said.

He’s not shaken by the fact that they’ve known each for a few months and not to mention that his wife stays in London.

She came into the country for Umembeso celebration and went back just after the ceremony. We guess there was no time for them to be all lovey-dovey.

Luyanda also made it clear that they won’t be having their white wedding as yet as they need time to plan for it.

“We need to plan it well and we want the people we will invite to be prepared as well.”

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We glad to know that abuti Nyan Nyan has finally been hitched. Here are some snaps from their new family’s Umemboso occasion.

Luyanda Potwana's Wife Comes To SA For Their Traditional Wedding (Pics)-SurgeZirc SA

Below is another milestone that Luyanda has reached.


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