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Thabo Bester Assaulted Dr Nandipha In Front Of Her Kids And Guests

“I will kill you and him. I will f**ken murder you and him.

Thabo Bester Assaulted Dr Nandipha In Front Of Her Kids And Guests-SurgeZirc SA
Thabo Bester Assaulted Dr Nandipha In Front Of Her Kids And Guests

Convicted rapist and murderer, Thabo Bester allegedly abused his accomplice, Dr Nandipha Magudumana.

Friends of the famous doctor have disclosed that Bester, widely known as the “Facebook rapist,” assaulted her during her 34th birthday party in September last year at their Hyde Park rental home.

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This was four months after he escaped from Bloemfontein’s Mangaung Correctional Facility.

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Two women who allegedly saw Bester beat Dr Nandipha informed Sunday World that he lost his temper about guest seating arrangements.

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Bester detested not receiving what he wanted, according to people who claimed he had anger issues. When Dr Nandipha disagreed with him, he allegedly slapped her across the face and turned the tables upside down.

“On the day he slapped Nandipha, it was based on the seating arrangements. He told Nandipha that he was in charge of her party, and he should be the one who should decide who sits where and how,” the two women were quoted as saying.

According to the sources, he also held them against their will when they attempted to leave. After departing, they accompanied Dr Nandipha to the Sandton Police Station, where she was allegedly turned away and advised to “sort out issues” with Bester.

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Bester was also accused of abusing Dr Nandipha in front of her children.

The disgraced celebrity doctor has two daughters with her ex-husband, Dr Mkhuseli “Mac” Magudumana. The pair separated in 2018, and their divorce was finalised last year. When they split up in 2018, the arrested doctor was already seeing Bester, according to Ground Up, who reported that she began visiting him in prison in 2017.

The allegations regarding Bester’s aggressive behaviour came two days after an audio recording of an alleged phone call between the two was leaked.

In the viral audio, Bester is heard threatening the doctor and telling her that he is “politically connected”.

“I am driving to Johannesburg tonight, when I get there if I call you and you don’t f**ken pick up the phone, uzosola ngempilo yakho [you’ll regret it with your life],” Bester allegedly tells her.

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Nandipha: “Angi understand why you’re saying this Tom [one of Bester’s many aliases]. Why are you threatening me?”

Bester also tells the doctor in the recording that he follows her every step and will kill her and her ex-husband (Mkhuseli “Mac” Magudumana) if she betrays him.

“I will kill you and him. I will f**ken murder you and him.

“Unfortunately, I am politically connected. It means that everyone who is connected to me will be tracked by my people,” he says, also adding that he knows when she drives to her ex-husband’s house.

“Listen here, Nandipha, I will burn you with that f**king house in Hyde Park and your man.”

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