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This Latest Tech Binds Breast For Transgender Men Better Than Tying…

This Latest Tech Binds Breast For Transgender Men Better Than Tying... - Surge Zirc SA
A young lady modelling a newly created chest binder / Photo file: Screengrab

If you’re a transgender man, you can now flatten your breast to look masculine with this latest chest binding invention. A design student at Loughborough University, UK has created a smart wearable chest binder that makes chest binding safer, easier and comfortable for transgender men and non-binary people. Women who wants to look like men usually do chest binding by doing whatever it is that can flat their breast so it looks masculine.

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The student’s design has more mental health benefits. Experience from people who bind their chest has shown that it’s easier to have broken ribs from too-tight wraps. And then binding in summer can be a lot more difficult, as the person binding stands the risk of overheating. But with this wearable garment, called Breathe, the Loughborough University industrial design student Miles Kilburn says it will take care of those issues.

The inventor says, ”Breathe looks like a thin, cropped tank top with mesh panels to keep the user cool. While it’s normally tight fighting, Breathe contains a smart alloy material called Nitone that, when electrified, loosens the garment. It’s battery operated and can be adjusted with a remote controller, so the user can discreetly change how tight the binding is, there’s no need to change their clothing or go into a private space in order to take a break. There’s also an optional feature that will automatically loosen the device when the user is playing a sport.”

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Most alternative widely used chest binding methods are analog, and some DIY solutions resort to duct tape, plastic wrap or bandages. Kilburn hopes the technology in Breathe will make it easier and safer for people to bind. He noted that his technology will be too expensive for many, though, he plans to make it available for rent.

Giant tech companies like Apple, Google, Facebook and Tinder have stated their interest to support LGBTQ+ users. Breathe actually takes a different approach to contribute a digital solution to an everyday problem.

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