Lerato Kganyago – I Just Got Strangled By An Afrikaans At PicknPay

''Why these people get away with such still baffles me.''

Lerato Kganyago/Photo file: Twitter

Lerato Kganyago has just twitted how she got strangled by an Afrikaans whom she bombed into at PicknPay, Featherbrook center. The TV presenter in her first tweet narrated what really transpired between she and the Afrikaans.

According to Lerato Kganyago, the man’s wife called her helper a Kaffir unprovoked and she approached her about it, and then the husband of the woman got on Lerato’s neck. ”Why these people get away with such still baffles me.”

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As serious, painful and humiliating as it is, Lerato Kganyago dropped a second tweet…calling for the arrest of the Afrikaans who publicly strangled her.

We really don’t know if Lerato Kganyago is going to be robbing PicknPay into this as she has also dropped a tweet probing why PicknPay officials would witness such a humiliating and embarrassing scene against a lady and yet let the man go.

From our end, the question ”Why these people get away with such still baffles me.” as twitted by Lerato Kganyago shows that the Afrikaans are in the habit of doing such.

Following comments on the Lerato Kganyago’s tweets, followers of the TV personality have been insisting that the law agencies like, SAPS and others get involved quickly.

Another celebrity Cassper Nyovest also inquired on a tweet if there was a camera recording to show more proof. While most people have noted that PicknPay sure runs a steady cam.

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