Joe Kazadi Serves Us Daddy Goals With His Adorable Daughter As They Promote Local Designers

Joe And His Daughter Have us saying "Sbwl" because of their matching outfits!!!

Actor and model Joe Kazadi serves us adorable pictures with his daughter Omotola
Joe Kazadi And His Daughter Omotola / Photofile : Instagram

Actor and model Joe Kazadi is the true definition of daddy goals! The actor is always posting pictures of him and his adorable daughter Omotola,  clearly showing that fathers should always play an active role in their children’s lives no matter what!!

Now, ladies if you didn’t know, Joe is single, and before y’all think of sliding in his DM’s, just make sure you check yourself if you’re mommy material, because as much as Joe is a single father he definitely makes sure he goes out of his way to take care of his daughter, and can we add that the guy is doing an amazing job, he’s definitely an inspiration.

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Just recently the model took to Instagram to post the most adorable pictures of him and Omatola in a matching outfit. This is not the first time Joe and his daughter served us with adorable matching outfits, the pair always seem to have their outfits on point. We always find ourselves saying “SBWL” because they certainly bring the heat.

In Joe’s post, he acknowledged the wonderful work of the designer that designed their outfits and encouraged fans to support local designers.

Joe is definitely a father we stan and we hope more and more fathers can be more involved with their children’s lives like he is.

Check out some adorable pictures of Joe and his daughter below.

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Besties ❤️🤴🏽👸🏽

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I can’t wait for Omotola to grow up so we can have proper convo , someone I can tell everything ,more like my best friend 😊 but most importantly I will teach her respect and also not to accept disrespect from anyone . I will teach her that ‘ukubingelela’ older people doesn’t hurt but it’s open many doors in the future. We gonna laugh about our insecurities so when she goes out and someone mentions them, she will never get offended, I will make her understand the word beauty first than point the mirror on her face and say ‘that’s beauty my love’ I will remind her to protect her peace always 😊 She will need to understand that she’s born a 🌟 Most importantly to always depend on God in everything she decide to do.

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My African princess 👸🏽🥰

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Just recently Mr Kazadi hinted on social media on a new movie he’s working on alongside Amanda Du-Pont. From what we can gather from his posts the movie has plenty of gun action as Joe and Amanda will be gangster siblings. We absolutely can’t wait to see what the two actors have in store for us!!

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Philasander Trevor Ngcobo
Philasander Trevor Ngcobo
9 months ago

Big ups Mfo