Ifani Dragged Online For Sensitive Tweets About Boity And Bujy Fight

Ifani got the short end of the straw as people showed their Kasi side after he made a tweet that seemingly sexualised Boity

IFani dragged online for making tweets about Boity and Bujy
Ifani has been accused of sexualising Boity Amidst Bujy Assault/ Image: Twitter

South African Hip-Hop/Rap artist, MC and television presenter, Mzayifani Mzondeleli Boltina, popularly known simply as IFani has come under fire on Twitter for making sensitive comments about the fight between Boity and Bujy.

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The fight left Boity with blood streaming down her forehead with cuts on her lips and close to her eyes. Boity was rushed to the hospital while Bujy was arrested by the Midrand police.

In the hit of the situation and with Bujy being released on an R2000 bail, emotions have been high amongst SAns with many tweeps standing behind and showing support for the female rapper.

Today, Ifani got the short end of the straw as people showed their Kasi side after he made a tweet that seemingly sexualised Boity. The rapper tweeted saying: “If God gave me a chance To hit Boity I wouldn’t use a bottle.”

The rapper may have been trying to make a joke of the serious situation but most of the thousand comments he received from the tweet didn’t find it funny one bit.

Popular blogger Sithale Kgaogelo was the first to come after Ifani, telling the rapper off by saying. “You are never late when you have to embarrass yourself.”

There are a few people who tried to lighten the situation by explaining what Ifani was trying to insinuate, notably a Twitter user who tweeted: “I think iFani here is talking about hitting her with (Eggplant emoji). .. not the other way.. relax guys.”

But he was quickly shut out by another user who replied to him saying; “Say your uncle assaults your mother with a bottle. as she bleeds fighting for her life, A guy from your street passing by decides to sexualize her like Ifani just did. What’s your response to”

Someone else went as far as saying to Ifani that his joke is as unfortunate as his career.

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Ifani has since become silent about the Tweet probably because he has realised he made a mistake but Mzansi tweeps are yet to let it go as they continue to drag him all over the Twitter street.

Check out the tweets below:

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