Gomora Fans Are In Stitches Because Of Zodwa’s Papa Penny English

A Satan doesn't change its spot."

Gomora fans says Zodwa uses papa penny English
Sana Mchunu/Photofile : Google

You know those people who love expressing themselves in English and at the same time their English is in a very bad condition? Well if you’re a Gomora fan you’ll know exactly who we’re referring to because, yey uMam Zodwa loves her Papa Penny English and it shows her flames every time lol.

Mam Zodwa absolutely loves speaking in English despite not knowing the language very well just like Tsonga Disco icon Papa Penny, who has proudly admitted he doesn’t care to speak the language properly until white people speak his home language fluently, Zodwa and Papa Penny are on the same WhatsApp group because clearly they don’t care about their English being perfect.

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Mam Zodwa is brilliantly played by Sana Mchunu who is a loud-mouthed, recovering drunk mother of Teddy. She loves her son so much and would never let English stand in her way of shine. Gomora fans can testify that whenever they see Zodwa on screen they are rolling on the floor with laughter because she knows how to keep fans glued to their screens.

Some fans were even convinced that she definitely writes her own scripts because she keeps topping her own bar!!

On Thursday, Zodwa left fans rolling on the floor with laughter when she gave Gladys some advice on men and her Papa Penny English was the cherry on top.

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“A Satan doesn’t change its spot,” she said.

Fans interpreted the saying to be a modified version of “a leopard never changes its spots”, but Zodwa twisted it and made it her own and fans love it.

However, when she said “this child is not a child”, they were left in stitches

Check out their reactions below

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