Family Rejects Boyfriend’s Apology For Killing Nosicelo

“Pasile bought himself tik and smoked it as he struggled to sleep,” said National Prosecuting Authority spokesperson Anelisa Ngcakani.

Family Rejects Boyfriend’s Apology For Killing Nosicelo-SurgeZirc SA
Family Rejects Boyfriend’s Apology For Killing Nosicelo

The grieving family of Fort Hare University law student Nosicelo Mtebeni has rejected her killer boyfriend’s apology after he pleaded guilty to murder and defeating the ends of justice in the East London High Court on Monday.

Aluta Pasile, 25, apologized for killing the law student, saying he was ashamed and regretted dismembering her body before stuffing it in a suitcase in August in Quigney, East London.

Family Rejects Boyfriend’s Apology For Killing Nosicelo

After Judge Thami Bheshe accepted Pasile’s guilty plea, pre-sentencing proceedings began. The gruesome details of Pasile’s murder of the 23-year-old were revealed in court.

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Her murder sparked outrage, highlighting the country’s violence against women by their partners. Pasile described how he and Mtebeni were enjoying an evening of drinking together on August 16 when he noticed she was more focused on her cellphone than on him. He confronted her, which resulted in an argument.

Pasile cracked her new code the next day while in the bathroom and saw “I love you” and “I miss you” messages.

He confronted Mtebeni, who was attempting to steal her cellphone. According to the State, he then grabbed a knife and stabbed her. “However, the knife fell as she fought back. Pasile grabbed Mtebeni and pushed her hard against a wall. He hit her head, and she fell face down and died.

“In an effort to conceal his crime, he conducted research on the internet on how to dispose of a body. He found a video which showed a body being dismembered, placed in a suitcase and thrown away.

“Pasile bought himself tik and smoked it as he struggled to sleep,” said National Prosecuting Authority spokesperson Anelisa Ngcakani.

He then went to a local hardware store and bought the equipment he saw being used to dismember the body in the video, she said.

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Pasile consumed more tik in order to give himself courage to dismember Mtebeni’s body. He then placed the body parts in a bag, suitcase and plastic bags.

“Early the following morning Pasile took the suitcase and bag to the street to dispose of them.”

As his letter was being read in court, Pasile, 25, started crying.

In his letter, Pasile said: “It is so painful and I feel so shameful about what I have done. I know I have caused a massive impact and a lot of pain to Nosicelo’s family and to the community.

“I really regret my action and sincerely apologise to Nosicelo’s family. I really cannot imagine what the family is going through.”

Pasile said the incident was perpetuated by evil spirits. “I allowed Satan to use me in ending Nosicelo’s life. I apologise for doing this, including defeating the ends of justice. I regret what I did because it still haunts me.

“I apologise to Mtebeni and Pasile’s families and to the women of this country. Please forgive me even though I know they will never forget about this incident, but trust that God will bring them peace,” Pasile said.

Mtebeni’s father, Kholisile Mtebeni, said Pasile’s apology was not sincere. “I do hear what [Pasile] is saying but I am unable to forgive him because he never forgave my daughter. Pasile’s parents are still going to see him, whereas I will never see my child again.

“The apology he’s offering is not sincere. The incident occurred in August, but he is only apologising now. Let the law run its course.

Kholisile testified in court that he learned of his daughter’s murder through the media, though details were “sketchy” until he received a phone call from police. The case has been rescheduled for Thursday to allow for a report on Pasile’s situation and character.

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