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Unathi Nkayi Celebrates Her Dad’s Birthday With A Touching Note

"When you get annoyed with my feistiness, know that it is because of my fellow Scorpio who raised me to be like this."

South African star Unathi Nkayi took to social media to celebrate her dad’s birthday in a heartwarming post. Alongside a series of lovely family photos, she penned a touching note that showcased her deep love and appreciation for him.

Unathi described her dad as her spiritual twin, jokingly adding that they are both November babies.

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She highlighted his role as her moral compass, her source of confidence, and even her style icon. It’s clear that her father holds a special place in her heart.

“Happy birthday Bra Mike, Gquksi, nyana ka Themba. Isihlwele esiphilayo,” Unathi Nkayi exclaimed, expressing her joy and love for her father.

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She went on to emphasize how grateful she is for his presence in her life, not just as a father to her and her sisters, but as a great one at that.

Unathi humorously attributed her feistiness to her fellow Scorpio dad, stating, “When you get annoyed with my feistiness, know that it is because of my fellow Scorpio who raised me to be like this.”

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The heartfelt birthday message from Unathi to her dad serves as a reminder of the strong bond between a father and his children.

It’s a celebration of the love, guidance, and influence that fathers have in shaping their children’s lives.

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