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Shebeshxt’s Legal Troubles Mount As Court Date Set For July

The legal troubles began when a case was opened against Shebeshxt for allegedly stabbing a man in Lebowakgomo.

Limpopo rapper Lehlogonolo “Shebeshxt” Chauke appears to be caught in a whirlwind of legal and personal woes.

The artist is slated to appear in court in July for a 2022 case, adding to his already extensive list of challenges.

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The Lebowakgomo Magistrate’s Court will host the proceedings, with the trial set down for plea and trial on July 11, 2024. Mashudu Malabi-Dzhangi, spokesperson for Limpopo’s National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), confirmed that the rapper is currently out on bail.

The legal troubles began when a case was opened against Shebeshxt for allegedly stabbing a man in Lebowakgomo.

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In August 2023, the Limpopo Chronicle reported that Chauke had been granted bail after being arrested in April 2023 for various charges, including assault, attempted murder, and the discharge of a firearm.

It is alleged that he fired four shots in the air at a family home in Ga-Mamaola village. The NPA revealed that this incident occurred while he was out on bail for another assault case, leading to his bail being revoked.

Amid these mounting legal issues, Shebeshxt recently faced a devastating personal loss. The rapper buried his daughter, Onthatile Chuene, on June 22, following her tragic death in a car crash on June 8.

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Despite his own injuries from the crash, which include a broken leg, abdominal injuries, and head injuries, Shebeshxt was released from the hospital to attend the funeral. His lawyer, Lot Ramusi, confirmed that special arrangements were made for his attendance, and he is expected to return to the hospital post-ceremony.

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With the court date set and personal hardships to manage, the road ahead for Shebeshxt is fraught with challenges. As he navigates his legal battles and copes with his personal loss, fans and observers alike will be watching closely.

SurgeZirc SA has reached out to Chauke’s lawyer for further comments, and updates will be provided as new information comes to light.

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