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Get Ready To Groove: J’Something’s Solo Single “Not Alone” Drops This Friday!

In a quirky confession, J'Something admitted, "I don't really know what I'm feeling, but it's definitely all goodness!"

Get Ready To Groove: J'Something's Solo Single "Not Alone" Drops This Friday!
Get Ready To Groove: J’Something’s Solo Single “Not Alone” Drops This Friday!

Move over Mi’Casa, because J’Something is breaking out on his own with an epic solo release!

The music maestro, famous for being part of the house band Mi’Casa with Dr Duda and Mo-T, has got us dancing in anticipation as he announced his debut solo single, “Not Alone,” hitting the airwaves this Friday.

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What sparked this dazzling solo venture, you ask? Well, it was all thanks to J’Something’s amazing fans, who cheerfully pushed him to follow his dreams and spread his musical wings.

Their support became the magical potion that brewed his confidence, and now he’s all set to take us on a thrilling musical journey!

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In a quirky confession, J’Something admitted, “I don’t really know what I’m feeling, but it’s definitely all goodness!”

With a heart full of gratitude, he’s thrilled to release his music without the pressure of turning it into something massive.

It’s all about sharing the soulful melodies he creates when he’s in his creative cocoon. And get this – he’s even hoping the song sparks a spiritual connection among his fans! Talk about setting the vibe!

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But wait, there’s more to J’Something than just music! The multi-talented artist has recently dipped his fingers into the culinary world with his brand-new hot spot called “Artistry.”

Here’s where he sprinkles his magic, bringing together food, music, and arts for a dazzling experience! It’s like he’s playing an enchanting symphony with every delicious dish he serves.

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He confessed, “I’ve always wanted to create something that’s worth bringing food and entertainment together on a personal level.”

Cheers to J’Something’s journey, and let’s embrace the mesmerizing artistry he brings to our lives!

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