EXCLUSIVE!!! The Amazing Rise Of DJ Igwe On The Airwaves

DJ Igwe is a raido presenter , DJ and MC ,  He does a Saturday morning show( 10 am - 12 pm) called the Flipside on Vukani FM which focuses on trending things, celebrity news and updates and has been interviewing many national celebrities ,musicians & upcoming artists on his show, talk about rubbing shoulders with the stars!!

DJ Igwe comes from Eastern Cape on province that is flowing with milk and honey with lots of talent
DJ Igwe From Vukani FM/ Photofile : Facebook

When it comes to talent, South Africa is one country that’s flowing with milk and honey, and yes, we’re still talking about talent, don’t get it twisted. You find talent on every street and corner, and especially in every province.

Arguably, one province that outshines the rest in the “talents department” happens to be the Eastern Cape. I mean, it’s quite obvious as even our ‘Miss Universe’ is from there. And now, we’re exposing more amazing talents from this amazing province.

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You may not probably know him but homeboy is doing the most in Queenstown, his name is “DJ Igwe” and If you’re starting to get curious on who Igwe is, and what he’s about, grab a cup of coffee and a blanket and let us teach you a thing or two about this fast-rising youngster.

I also know what’s running through your mind right about now, lol, but to quench that thirst of curiosity, Igwe is certainly not a Nigerian . Homeboy is proudly Xhosa, incase y’all are confused.

Tshidiso Sam best known as DJ Igwe is from the dusty underprivileged Town of Ezibeleni , Queenstown, he was born on the 5th of September 1989. He began his rise on the airwaves by hosting the Get up and Go Breakfast Show on Lukanji community radio in June 2015 and later bagged the Afternoon drive for 4 months under the same radio station. Talk about a boy whose focused!!

He is a graduate under Boston College And he graduated in November 2016. Radio presenting isn’t the only talent Tshidiso possess but he happens to be an amazing MC , he first discovered his talent when he entered the TruTalent Competition and later became an MC for much bigger events around his hometown, one of the most biggest MC gigs he’s recently bagged is the 2nd annual Easter picnic that was in 2018 and he was definitely basking in the ambience of greatness which includes the likes of Black Coffee, TBO Touch, Robbie Malinga just to name a few.

Igwe has been serving the Queenstown community with nothing but role model goals every time he gets behind the mic and we’re rooting for him all the way.

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Dj Igwe anchors a Saturday morning show (10 am – 12 pm) called the “Flipside” on Vukani FM, which focuses on trending issues, celebrity news and updates and has been interviewing many national celebrities, musicians & upcoming artists on his show, talk about rubbing shoulders with the stars!!

His show is definitely worth tuning into even if you’re not around the Eastern Cape. Every weekend the show aims to bring media personalities closer to the people of the Chris Hani district so people could learn more about the media industry (the good and bad side of it) while looking to inspire a lot of people at home who also want to venture into the public figure space.

The likes of Lusanda Mbane (Boniswa from ETV), Jack Devnarain  (Imbewu, Isidingo) Wiseman Ncube (Sboniso-Uzalo), Lvovo Jaziel Brothers and Winnie Khumalo just to name a few, have graced the “flipside” show LIVE! Igwe’s rise on the airwaves proves that dreams surely come true.

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If you want a taste of the milk and honey we’ve just told you about, just tune-in, and ENJOY!!

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