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Halala!!! Nomcebo Zikode’s Xola Moya Wam Goes Gold

"Uma sekulunga kubasengathi akukaze kubhede. God is indeed good, my first song ever where I'm not featured to go Gold, thank you so much"

Halala!!!Nomcebo Zikode's Xola Moya Wam Goes Gold-SurgeZirc SA
Nomcebo Zikode Photofile:News24

Nomcebo Zikode’s Xola Moya Wam has just gone gold in just a short period of time. Nomcebo released her debut album on the 21st of August 2020 and already it has gone gold.

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The nine track album is a song list by the KwaZulu-Natal native to the distinct Limpopo sound which helped her make her name. The singer took to social media to announce the news of Xola Moya Wam going gold status.

“Uma sekulunga kubasengathi akukaze kubhede. God is indeed good, my first song ever where I’m not featured to go Gold, thank you so much @MasterKGsa @OpenMicProdSA and everyone else together we’ve done it again,”she wrote.

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The Jerusalema hitmaker has been doing the most recently. Upon releasing her album has been on everyone’s lips on social media and it has proven to be doing extremely well. The vocalist is known for her catchy vocals on Master KG’s Jerusalema global hit and their music video has been watched by 100 million people on YouTube.

Zikode who is originally from KZN in a township called Hammersdale, made her debut in the entertainment industry in 2003 when she appeared on the talent search run by Ukhozi FM. It has taken her approximately 15 years to develop her music career and polish her angelic vocals.

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The 26-year-old joined Ukusa High School in KZN and from her childhood, she always aspired to be a singer. In school, she told her friends that she wanted to become a singer in future, and they would laugh at her.

When she completed her matric, she left home in order to go and fulfil her dream career in the music industry. She then relocated to the city of gold Johannesburg and while in Johannesburg, she enrolled in Havatech College and studied Information Technology.

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