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Musa Keys Triumphs Over Electromode, Label Ordered To Pay R463K

The distribution agreement also requires the delivery of digital information, such as metadata, related to the sound recordings and cinematographic films.

Breaking news in the music industry! Musa Makamu, the talented musician also known as Musa Keys, has emerged victorious in a legal battle against the Electromode record label.

In a recent court ruling, the high court in Johannesburg ordered Electromode/Ingrooves to pay Musa Keys a sum of R463,050.30.

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The dispute began when Musa Makamu signed a distribution deal with Electromode on April 4, 2021. However, things took a turn when the label accused him of breaching the contract and slapped him with a bill of over R700,000.

According to reports, Musa Keys gave notice to cancel the agreement on May 3, 2022, citing alleged breaches of the terms and conditions by the label.

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The court ruled in favor of Musa Keys, stating that his notice of cancellation was valid. As a result, Electromode/Ingrooves is now obligated to comply with the exclusive distribution agreement dated April 4, 2021.

This includes the provision of sound recordings, cinematographic films, album cover artwork, and any other artwork or images as specified in the agreement.

The distribution agreement also requires the delivery of digital information, such as metadata, related to sound recordings and cinematographic films.

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This includes details about the artists, authors, composers, artist biography, album title, song names, record company, album description, lyrics, pricing information, concert details, music genre, and any other elements necessary for digital distribution.

While Musa Makamu achieved a significant victory, he is not exempt from his own obligations under the distribution agreement. He must fulfill his responsibilities as outlined in the contract.

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This ruling sets an important precedent for artists in the music industry. It highlights the need for fair treatment and adherence to contractual agreements. Musa Makamu’s case serves as a reminder that artists should not be taken advantage of by record labels or subjected to unfair financial burdens.

As the news of Musa Makamu’s triumph spreads, it is clear that this victory resonates with artists everywhere. It is a step towards creating a more equitable and transparent industry where artists’ rights are protected and their talents are celebrated.

Both parties will bear their respective legal costs, as ordered by the court. However, the initial relief claim made by Musa Makamu was dismissed.

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