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Moja Love Puts Sizok’thola On Hold After Terminating Relationship With Xolani Khumalo

Moja Love TV Channels has recently made headlines with its decision to terminate its relationship with Mr Xolani Khumalo, the popular presenter of one of the channel’s leading shows, Sizok’thola.

The channel, known for its bold and controversial content, has decided to shed more light on the circumstances that led to this unexpected turn of events.

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In a statement shared with SurgeZirc SA, Moja Love TV Channels revealed that concerns were raised about Mr Khumalo’s knowledge and involvement in unlawful incidents that led to the possible contamination of crime scenes, failed prosecutions of known drug lords, and unfortunate tragedies that followed the filming of certain episodes.

“The channel, always cautious to ensure that it abides by the strict letter of the law, demanded answers pertaining to the identities of the beneficiaries of Mr Khumalo’s foundation, the Xolani Khumalo Foundation, which he launched after the success of Sizok’thola.

“Moja Love TV Channels has been working closely with the South African Police Service to prevent individuals from enriching themselves from the proceeds of crimes, especially those masquerading as non-profit organizations.

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“It became clear that the channel’s relationship with Mr Khumalo had permanently broken down when he could not provide satisfactory answers to their questions. Furthermore, undisclosed information came to light, further damaging the already strained relationship.

“Prior to the termination, Moja Love TV Channels had been providing legal and financial support to Mr Khumalo. However, the channel remains committed to fostering an environment of integrity, trust, and respect,” read the statement.

The statement continued saying: “Mr Khumalo, on the other hand, claims that he was not formally informed about the termination. However, the channel refutes these claims, stating that they duly informed him through his management, but he failed to respond.

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“In September, the Xolani Khumalo Foundation revealed that Mr Khumalo had handed himself over to the police in connection with a murder charge. This charge stemmed from an incident during the filming of the show where an alleged drug dealer died.

“Moja Love TV Channels chose not to turn a blind eye to reports of injuries or death during the filming of any of their shows and decided to put Sizok’thola on hold while awaiting the outcome of the legal proceedings.

“Moja Love TV Channels remains steadfast in its commitment to creating content like Sizok’thola, aiming to rid society of drug dealers who roam the streets and endanger the future of our country.

“The channel is now in the process of signing a memorandum of agreement with the South African Police Service to ensure that the drug lords and dealers are removed from the streets and face justice.

“While the show has been paused to strengthen procedures and authority and to avoid any further unfortunate incidents or loss of lives, Moja Love TV Channels reassure its viewers that Sizok’thola has not been cancelled. The channel is determined to continue its fight against drug-related crimes in collaboration with law enforcement.”

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Yvonne Francis for SurgeZirc SA
Yvonne Francis for SurgeZirc SA
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