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Minnie Dlamini’s Witty Comment About Khune Lands Her in Hot Water

Well, well, well, it seems Minnie Dlamini's attempt at humour has backfired. Khune's fans are not holding back in their criticism, accusing Minnie of everything from jealousy to attention-seeking.

Oh, Minnie Dlamini, you can’t always get away with your witty remarks unscathed. The TV presenter and all-around entertainer found herself in hot water after a playful comment about her ex-boyfriend Itumeleng Khune, leaving some of his die-hard fans less than impressed.

During an episode of her career TV show “Curated” on Mzansi Magic, Minnie Dlamini decided to share some news about the Soweto Derby.

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However, her innocent question, “Is Khune still playing?” accompanied by a flippant facial expression, didn’t sit well with Khune’s loyal supporters.

As we all know, sports fans are a passionate bunch. They live and breathe for their favourite players, defending them at any given opportunity. So, it’s no wonder that when Minnie’s comment made its way to social media on Monday, Khune’s fans quickly rallied to his defense.

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Here are some of the comments below:

  • @namba_sqee: “While Minnie Dlamini is twerking on Instagram and craving for attention, Khune has a solid home with a wife and 2 kids”


  • @DRMaradonaMazwi: “Every time I flip onto that Minnie Dlamini clip, I feel so disgusted… why do we have such kind of presenters on our screens to be called role models? Ffs”


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  • @TheGyal_: “Minnie Dlamini trying to trend using Khune so she can get more money to feed her ex-husband”


  • @Cellular_jnr: “I don’t blame Minnie Dlamini… She’s jealous because she ain’t the one experiencing this!”


  • @AdvoBarryRoux: “When a woman breaks up with you, they expect you to fall. We are not shocked about what Minnie Dlamini is doing to Khune.”


  • @ChrisExcel102i: “Minnie Dlamini is in emotional pain. After leaving Itumeleng Khune [who almost paid a R1 million lobola for her], things did not turn out the way she had imagined for her relationship after Khune. Instead of realizing she made a mistake but cannot fix the past, she makes a mockery of Khune. On the contrary, her joke was not welcomed. The public sees Khune as having a pretty much improved and directional life as compared to hers. Minenhle Dlamini is a perfect version of ‘hamba juba bayokuchutha phambili’.”

Well, well, well, it seems Minnie Dlamini’s attempt at humour has backfired. Khune’s fans are not holding back in their criticism, accusing Minnie of everything from jealousy to attention-seeking.

It’s important to remember that words have consequences, especially in the age of social media. What may seem like a harmless joke to one person can be deeply hurtful to another. And in this case, Khune’s fans are clearly feeling protective of their beloved player.

So, Minnie, maybe it’s time to consider the impact of your words before making those witty remarks. While it’s great to have a sense of humour, it’s equally important to be mindful of others’ feelings.

As for Khune, he seems to be living his best life, with a solid home and a growing family. So, here’s to learning, growing, and maybe thinking twice before making that next witty remark.

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Yvonne Francis for SurgeZirc SA
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