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Embracing Body Confidence: Lamiez Holworthy’s Inspiring Message

Embracing Body Confidence: Lamiez Holworthy's Inspiring Message-SurgeZirc SA
Embracing Body Confidence: Lamiez Holworthy’s Inspiring Message

South African DJ Lamiez Holworthy recently took to her Instagram to share an empowering message about body confidence. In a colourful dress, she proudly embraced the spring season while encouraging her female followers to embrace their bodies as well.

Addressing her fellow ladies, Lamiez Holworthy who gave birth to her son six months ago wrote, “Dear ladies, if you needed a sign to wear those summer dresses, shorts, bikinis, and skirts even with your big thighs, legs, stretch marks, cellulite, and hyperpigmentation – here it is.”

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She admitted that she had almost let her insecurities and fears get the better of her, but then she realized something important – she feels amazing!

Despite society constantly shaming women for their perceived flaws, Lamiez refuses to let that affect her self-esteem. She said, “I LOOK AND FEEL amazing even with the above ‘flaws’ that society constantly makes us feel uncomfortable about.”

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She further added, “As for me? I know, I see them, I live with them, and if I don’t have an issue with them, I don’t see why anyone else should.” Holworthy bravely called out cyber bullies who have tried to shame her, saving them the trouble by proudly acknowledging her body’s so-called imperfections.

This powerful message from Lamiez Holworthy serves as a reminder that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and forms. It’s time to reject society’s unrealistic beauty standards and embrace our bodies just the way they are.

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