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Gareth Cliff Unapologetic Amid Facing Backlash For Comparing Naledi Pandor To ‘A Turd’

South African radio and television personality Gareth Cliff is once again making headlines for his controversial remarks that never fail to stir up controversy.

This time, Cliff has found himself in the midst of a heated debate due to his recent activity on social media, where he made some bold claims.

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In a recent post on his Instagram Stories, Cliff referred to the Minister of International Relations and Cooperation of South Africa, Naledi Pandor, as a derogatory term.

The post featured an image of Pandor with her head wrapped in a headscarf, and Cliff captioned it with the words, ‘When the best you can come up with for Halloween is to dress up as a turd.’

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Unsurprisingly, Cliff’s comment did not sit well with many online users, who quickly expressed their outrage and disappointment.

One Twitter user, @ClaysonMonyela, tweeted, ‘Dear @GarethCliff. If you meant this as an attack on Dr. Naledi Pandor, you missed. It tells us more about you. I won’t bother attaching the obvious labels. What a miserable soul you are!’


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Despite the backlash he received, Cliff has remained defiant and unapologetic about his statement. He made it clear that he does not care if people are upset or offended, as he believes it is their problem to deal with.

In his own words, ‘To be clear: I don’t care if you’re upset or offended. Those are your problems to deal with. I’m not required to be polite or tiptoe around your emotional fragility.’

Cliff also hinted at his future plans, stating that as 2024 approaches, he will care even less about public opinion. He confidently asserted, ‘Call me whatever you like. You don’t know what’s in my head.

You can’t know. I’m very happy and very lucky to be me. I’m grateful for that and disinterested in what strangers might think of me. I foresee a year of great excitement in 2024.’

Cliff’s controversial comments and his refusal to back down have sparked a larger conversation about the boundaries of free speech and the responsibility that comes with having a public platform.

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While some argue that individuals should be able to express their opinions freely, others believe that public figures have a duty to exercise restraint and consider the potential impact of their words.

As the debate continues, it remains to be seen how Cliff’s remarks will affect his career and public image. One thing is certain, however – his provocative statements have once again thrust him into the spotlight, ensuring that he remains a topic of conversation for the foreseeable future.

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