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From Blesser To Husbae! Anele Mdoda’s Dad Ties The Knot

From Blesser To Husbae! Anele Mdoda's Dad Ties The Knot-SurgeZirc SA
From Blesser To Husbae! Anele Mdoda’s Dad Ties The Knot

South African television presenter and radio personality, Anele Mdoda, had a reason to celebrate this weekend as her dad, Patilizwe Mdoda, tied the knot. Anele took to social media to share the joyous occasion with her followers, posting a photo of her dad and his new wife in their stunning traditional wedding attire.

In her post, Anele warmly welcomed her new stepmom, Noxolo, to the family and expressed her excitement over the union. She playfully referred to her stepmom as Mrs Mdoda and showered her with affection, writing, ‘We love you boobsie.’

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The news of her dad’s marriage received an outpouring of congratulations from fans and well-wishers. Many expressed their happiness for Pat and shared their own stories of finding love again after a long time. Anele’s heartfelt message resonated with those who had also prayed for their parents to find love and happiness.

However, the celebration of this new chapter in Pat’s life is even more significant considering the controversies surrounding him in the past. Pat Mdoda faced allegations of being a ‘blesser,’ a term commonly used in South Africa to describe older men who financially support younger women in exchange for companionship or other favours.

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Anele’s father was accused of having multiple sexual relationships with young girls, according to social media users. One particular young lady, who claimed to know Pat personally, shared her experience of being financially supported by him. She alleged that they had a wild night together in Cape Town, where they ‘sucked the old man dry.’

While these allegations caused a stir on social media, it’s important to remember that they are just that – allegations. It’s crucial not to jump to conclusions or pass judgment without concrete evidence. Everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt and the opportunity to grow and change.

Now, with his new marriage, Pat has the chance to start afresh and leave behind any negative perceptions that may have surrounded him in the past.  Pat’s marriage is a reminder that it’s never too late to find love and start a new chapter.

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Congratulations to Patilizwe ‘Pat’ Mdoda and his new young wife, Noxolo.  And to Anele, thank you for sharing this beautiful moment with us and reminding us of the power of love and family.


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