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Buhlebendalo Mda Takes On Body Shamers As She Embraces Self-Love

'That belly, boobs too small, got a double chin.' But I've moved past that stage. I am 35. I had to build myself up and embrace who I am."

Body shaming is unfortunately a prevalent issue in today’s society, and even celebrities are not spared from its cruel grasp. Award-winning singer Buhlebendalo Mda recently opened up about her personal journey of self-acceptance and addressed the trolls who have repeatedly attacked her appearance on social media.

After leaving the popular group The Soil to pursue a solo career in music, Buhlebendalo found herself facing harsh criticism about her image. However, she refused to let the negativity define her.

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“I have been in the industry for 13 years. I only started embracing and appreciating myself a few years ago,” she shares. “I never saw myself as the ‘perfect’ girl in the industry. I had to work on myself and confront my insecurities.”

Buhlebendalo candidly admits that she used to dislike her own appearance when she first entered the industry. “I have always hated myself.

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I would look in the mirror and say, ‘That belly, boobs too small, got a double chin.’ But I’ve moved past that stage. I am 35. I had to build myself up and embrace who I am,” she reveals.

Despite the hurtful comments she receives, Buhlebendalo refuses to let them bring her down. “I have every opportunity to remind people of their own flaws, but that’s not how I roll. I proudly wear my crop top with the stretch marks, and I don’t care,” she declares.

It’s disheartening for Buhlebendalo to discover that most of the negative comments come from other women. “What hurts the most is that most of these comments come from women,” Buhlebendalo Mda expresses.

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“I have mirrors in my house. I can see myself. I see my legs as I walk. Do they bother me? No. I can walk. My legs have carried me, in and around the globe. So what is it with people who strive to make others feel small or less of themselves?”

Buhlebendalo’s resilience shines through as she refuses to let the haters get to her. “That shit is not gonna fly with me. I have been through it all,” she asserts.

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Her story serves as a powerful reminder that self-love and acceptance are essential in the face of body shaming. No one should be made to feel inferior because of their appearance. Buhlebendalo’s journey of self-acceptance is an inspiration to all who have faced similar struggles.

Let us take this opportunity to support and uplift one another, rather than tearing each other down. It’s time to celebrate our differences and embrace our unique beauty. As Buhlebendalo has shown us, true strength lies in loving ourselves, flaws and all.

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