HushPuppi And Cassper Nyovest Fights Over Xenophobic Attack In SA

HushPuppi And Cassper Yovest Fights Over Xenophobic Attack In SA - Surge Zirc SA
Hushpuppi and Cassper Nyovest / Photo file: Instagram and Photo grid

Nigerian billionaire Hushpuppi and South African singer Cassper Nyovest are having a serious row on social media over the ongoing Xenophobic attack against foreign nationals businesses in South Africa.

Hushpuppi who appeared to be boiling in anger over the alleged killing and looting of businesses belonging to Nigerians and other foreigners condemned the inhuman act by South African citizens, whiles speaking against the quietness of Nigerian celebrities whom he claimed must have been quiet because they have friends in South Africa.

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”After you all will want to post them and claim they are your besties, fuck all my South African friends that don’t see this as a problem and fuck you Nigerian celebrities that do not see this as a problem enough to speak about till now,” Hushpuppi said.

South African singer Cassper Nyovest made hast to respond to Hushpuppi’s comment, stating his regret over the action by his fellow South African citizens against foreigners mostly Nigerians, but weeping Hushpuppi for sounding cruel.

”This aint it champ. There’s a big problem at hand and this post aint it. We have never condoned any of these actions and you cant be telling people when to speak up. People are still tryna figure what’s going on themselves before saying something reckless as you just did. Let’s lead with love. I speak for my myself in saying i am embarrassed and disgusted by these actions once more. I’ve always been against xenophobia and we are yet to find the root and a solution,” said Cassper.

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Unfortunately, Cassper’s comment fueled a lot of hurtful comments from angry Nigeria who slammed him for not posting ”Say No to Xonophobia on his social media accounts.

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