EFF To Face Parliamentary Investigation After Interrupting SONA

EFF To Face Parliamentary Investigation After Interrupting SONA-SurgeZirc SA
EFF leader Julius Malema/Photo File: Screengrabs

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) members will face parliamentary investigation for their unruly behaviour.

The party had previously vowed to disrupt SONA 2020 if Ramaphosa doesn’t fire Pravin Gordhan and they actually lived up to that promise.

On Thursday the EFF caused chaos in the parliament, they disrupted the SONA for over an hour preventing the president from even starting his speech.

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This comes after red berets leader had told the president that their problem was the presence of former apartheid president FW de Klerk and that Ramaphosa has refused to fire public enterprises minister Pravin Gordhan.

The chaos caused by EFF led Thandi Modise to take an unpredicted move and suspended the SONA.  The party then walked out of the parliament on its own obviously being led by its leader Julius Malema.

However, before the party walked out Malema warned Ramaphosa they would continue to make his life difficult as long as Gordhan remained in his Cabinet.

Modise explained it is important to express patience in her role, and that points of order must be considered and assumed to be genuine.

The DA interim leader John Steenhuisen called for the EFF member be charged with contempt of Parliament won the backing of the African National Congress (ANC) and most other opposition parties.

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“I would submit the behaviour that we’ve witnessed, including the hurling of water bottles at female members at the back of the House, is conduct constituting contempt and that the members involved must be referred to the Powers Privileges and Immunities Committee of this House,” Steenhuisen said.

Modise then made her decision: “We agree with all the parties who are saying that the matters are grave and that the conduct of all the members who’ve left this House must be referred to the Powers and Privileges Committee. We need to see fines for misconduct, ones that will touch them in their pockets”.

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