Driver In Court For ‘Deliberately’ Killing Two Egyptian Goslings

Egyptian gosling

A motorist accused of deliberately running over and killing two Egyptian goslings in the Cape Town CBD last week has been identified and traced, the SPCA said on Thursday.

“We can confirm a case has been opened [on Wednesday] with Cape Town central police,” said Cape of Good Hope SPCA spokesperson Belinda Abraham.

Abraham said they had strong evidence and it was now in the hands of the police to decide whether to lay charges and make an arrest.

The incident, involving a grey Mazda, was captured on video on Friday and caused a large outcry on social media.

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A passer-by had been filming a family of Egyptian geese – two adults and six goslings – which were crossing the road at the intersection of Spin and Adderley streets when the motorist drove over them, allegedly intentionally.

The animals had used a pedestrian crossing.

The SPCA dispatched representatives to the scene to retrieve the remains of the goslings, which would have been taken in for a post-mortem and used for evidence. But the remains had already been disposed of by the time they arrived.

Abraham said the adult geese were very distressed at the time and did not want to leave the scene.

“Egyptian geese are particularly bonded with their young,” she explained.

Capetonians rallied to support the SPCA with the case.

A forensic videographer offered expertise for any court appearances free of charge and others said they would help with a private prosecution if the State chose not to proceed with the case.

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“We have had such great support… it says a lot about Cape Town and the community,” Abraham said previously.

“While one person may have no heart, there are so many others rallying together and saying that this is not right and we need to do something.”

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