‘Dota Underlords’ Game Has More People Playing Now Than ‘Artifact’ Did

'Dota Underlords' Game Has More People Playing Now Than 'Artifact' Did - Surge Zirc SA

The Dota Underlords game is doing far beta than you can imagine. Not too long after it went up live, it records a statistics of over 84,000 players at once as at Friday according to SteamDB. This is higher than Valve’s troubled Dota 2 spinoff Artifact ever recorded.

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It topped out at around 60,000, while Underlords has already scooped far above 179,000 simultaneous participants, a number that the tracking site suspected to include people both on mobile devices.

The free-to-play turn-based strategy game is Valve’s version of the mod Dota Auto Chess. It appears to be a working strategy to making a game that’s much easier to play without spending money on new pieces.

The maker of Dota Auto Chess is working on a standalone game that will be exclusive to Epic’s Game Store on the PC, and Kotaku points out that League of Legends maker Riot has had success with a similar game it released in beta this week called Teamfight Tactics.

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The growing level and competition brings to our mind the recent slew of battle royale titles, and the Underlords team is keeping up the pace with several updates already. A recent tweet revealed that, it’s working on quite a number of new features beyond just game balancing.

We’re looking at social features, hero voiceovers, a full scoreboard, and it’s “exploring” the possibility of a Turbo Mode considering players request.

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