Death Toll From Lagos Building Collapse Reach 23 More Than 60 Injured

Death Toll From Lagos Building Collapse Reach 23 More Than 60 Injured - Surge Zirc SA
The Lagos collapsed building site / Photo file: Google

Death toll from the Lagos building collapse continues to increase as many injured adults and school pupils continues to die.

The sad incident took place on Wednesday February 13th 2019 at Itafaji, Lagos Island, as a three-storey building housing a school collapsed, with pupils killed and over 100 trapped, yet to be rescued.

Parents whose children schools there continued to rush to the scene of the event fighting to see their kids but to no avail.

The Governor of the state, Gov. Ambode has blamed the collapse on the building owner. Meanwhile, we have also heard that the occupants of the building were asked to vacate the building, knowing that the building has deteriorated near collapse, but the building owners continue to receive rent from tenant.

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“Last year, the government gave them a quit notice that the building was going to be demolished,” the witness told The Guardian.

We won’t be patronized by the flimsy reason the state government is laying on ground now, because we expect an active government that values lives to be more proactive; make a quick alternative for the residence and vacate them immediately, knowing that the building can collapse at anytime and claim a lot of lives.

Nigerian government do not value human lives and it must be seen as such. It’s also apparent that the government will not carry out any act of compensation to the families that lost their loved ones, something other countries would not wait to be reminded.

”Nigerian government must wake-up to responsibility or subject itself to be recolonized. The opinion may sound harsh, but it’s true.” Mr Ajayi said.

Source: Facebook, Ajayi Mikel, Surge Zirc correspondent Nigeria

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