Crime: Man Shot Dead In The Parking lot Of A Mall

man was shot

A 54-year-old man was shot at close range while sitting in his car outside a shopping center in Welkom on Saturday, police said on Sunday.

Police spokesperson Captain Stephen Thakeng said Shai Mikia Mohapi was inside his blue VW Golf when two men approached him.

He was shot three times in the chest and twice in his left arm.

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“He was pulled out of his vehicle and suspects drove off with his vehicle,” said Thakeng.

“He was certified dead at the scene.”

In CCTV footage of the murder, two men casually walk through the parking lot as though they are about to pass the Golf.

One man hangs back as the other keeps walking as they pass the car.

One man is seen leaning into the driver’s window and later the driver is pulled out of the vehicle and left in the parking lot.

In the background some people are seen running away as they see the murder unfold.

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The stolen vehicle was later found abandoned next to a place called Digger’s Inn.

Thakeng has urged anybody with information that could lead to the arrest of the men to contact Captain Pieter du Plessis on 0798842179.

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