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SA consumers Poorer As They Navigate Tough Economic Times

SA consumers Poorer As They Navigate Tough Economic Times-SurgeZirc SA
SA consumers Poorer As They Navigate Tough Economic Times

In these tough economic times, consumers are finding themselves struggling to make ends meet. The National Credit Regulator (NCR) has raised concerns about adverse credit patterns, and this is affecting the financial well-being of individuals and families across the country.

Increase in Non-Performing Loans
The latest data released by the Reserve Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) reveals a 28% increase in the number of non-performing loans in the country’s banks. This is a worrying trend, as it indicates that more people are defaulting on their loans.

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Decline in Credit Availability
Ngoako Mabeba, from the NCR, has stated that credit is on the decline. Many credit providers are now sticking to affordability guidelines and closing tax loopholes. In the last quarter alone, 15 million credit applications were made, but a staggering 70% of these were declined. This means that more and more consumers are being denied access to credit.

Impact on Consumers
The figures released by the South African Revenue Service (SARS) are in line with the NCR’s observations. Consumers are finding it increasingly difficult to secure credit, which is hampering their ability to make important purchases or invest in their future. This decline in credit availability is having a direct impact on the financial well-being of individuals and families.

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Monetary Policy Committee’s Decision
On Thursday, the Reserve Bank’s MPC decided to keep rates unchanged. The re-purchase rate remains at 8.25%, while the prime lending rate by banks also remains on hold at 11.75%. The bank has assessed risks to the inflation outlook as being on the upside.

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The current economic climate, coupled with the increase in non-performing loans and decline in credit availability, paints a bleak picture for consumers. It is crucial for individuals to manage their finances wisely, seek financial advice, and explore alternative options to secure credit.

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The impact of adverse credit patterns on consumers cannot be ignored, and it is important for policymakers and financial institutions to address this issue to ensure the financial well-being of individuals and families in the country.

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