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Vuyo Dabula Expresses Disappointment After Production House Fails To Pay Him

Vuyo Dabula Expresses Disappointment After Production House Fails To Pay Him-SurgeZirc SA
Vuyo Dabula Expresses Disappointment After Production House Fails To Pay Him

Popular South African actor, Vuyo Dabula, recently took to social media to express his disappointment at a production company that has refused to pay him.

In a screenshot shared on his Instagram account, Vuyo revealed a conversation he had with a member of the production team, where he requested payment for his services.

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The chat showed the team member apologizing for the delay and promising to pay. However, it seems that Vuyo has not received his payment, leading him to voice his frustrations on social media.

Although Vuyo did not disclose the name of the production company, he made it clear that it is not Uzalo, a popular TV drama series he recently joined. In his post, he wrote, “On other news guys, this has nothing to do with UZALO, but must I mention which production? I invoiced last week Thursday.”


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Vuyo’s followers flooded the post with comments, expressing their support and disappointment at the situation. Many fans shared their own experiences with unpaid fees and offered words of encouragement to the actor.

This incident comes shortly after Vuyo had a separate issue with Uzalo, where a new character post featuring him was removed. However, the production team of the TV drama reached out to him and resolved the matter amicably.

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Vuyo expressed his gratitude towards Uzalo in another social media post, saying, “We are here… I had an amicable conversation with @uzalo_sabc1 about the removal of the new character post. The fact that they called me to assure me that there is no issue and offering an explanation says a lot about the spirit of this production. I am forever grateful; that is a family move. You felt my pain and responded even in your position of power… that is not very common.”

Vuyo Dabula’s fans continue to show their support for the actor and hope that the issue with the unpaid fees gets resolved soon. As an actor who has made a significant impact in the South African entertainment industry, Vuyo’s situation sheds light on the challenges faced by many artists when it comes to receiving timely payment for their work.

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